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The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers in 2022

The best mattress for side sleepers will have various characteristics that will accommodate your body type. For example, heavier people will need a firmer mattress than lighter ones. Firmness and pressure point relief are two of the most important factors in determining the best mattress for side sleepers. There are several different types of mattresses on the market, including latex, hybrid, innerspring, and memory foam.

Helix Midnight

If you’re a side sleeper, you may be interested in a Helix Midnight mattress. This mattress is specifically designed for side sleepers and comes with a 100-night sleep trial. After the break-in period, you can return the mattress for a full refund. It also comes with a ten-year limited warranty. The Midnight is particularly well-suited for side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.

This hybrid mattress contains both foam layers and pocket coils for optimum support and comfort. It offers pressure relief, bounce, contouring, and good support for the back. Many users of the Helix Midnight report significant back pain relief, especially in the shoulder area. A medium-firm mattress is best for back sleepers, but a firmer option is ideal for stomach and side sleepers.

The Helix Midnight is perfect for side sleepers, as it provides great pressure relief and support for side sleepers of all sizes. Side sleepers often need more firmness to prevent their hips from sinking into the bed, which can lead to back pain. Some consumers find the midnight mattress too soft for this position, but the mattress does help relieve pressure.

The Helix Midnight is also great for combination and back sleepers. Its combination of foam and coils offers ample cushioning for pressure points, while the innerspring coils reduce motion transfer and noise. In addition, this hybrid mattress also features a cool cover, which keeps the mattress temperature moderate throughout the night.

Original Purple

The Original Purple mattress for side sleepers is designed to provide excellent support for side sleepers. It features two thin layers of transition foam over a pocketed coil base. This combination creates a buffer between the sleeper and the bed, eliminating pressure points and improving motion isolation. However, you should know that it takes a couple of nights to get used to the soft, responsive foam of the cover.

The Purple Original is an ideal mattress for side sleepers, and for back sleepers. However, if you are a heavier side sleeper, it may not be the best choice for you. This medium-firm mattress is best suited for side sleepers who are not 230 pounds in weight.

A medium-firm mattress is ideal for side sleepers because it gives ample support to the back while promoting spinal alignment. However, heavier sleepers should look for a firmer mattress. They may feel a sinking sensation or uneven support. For this reason, the Original Purple mattress is not the best choice for heavyweight back sleepers.

The Original Purple mattress for side sleepers is not inexpensive, but it is not unreasonably priced either. It starts at $599 for a twin and goes up to $1,598 for a split king. However, you can save money by purchasing it during the company’s promotions, which usually occur around holidays and flash sales.


If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll love the DreamCloud mattress. It features an eight-layer system that incorporates the latest technology and premium quality materials. It is designed to follow your body’s contours, which helps alleviate pressure points and promotes natural spinal alignment. It also features a layer of soft Cashmere blend, pocket-encased coils, and high-density foams.

DreamCloud is specially formulated for side sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds. With a thick, coil core, it provides firmer support for side sleepers while keeping your spine straight and aligned. However, the firmer feel may be uncomfortable for side sleepers under 130 pounds. If you are heavier than 130 pounds, the firmness of the DreamCloud mattress may be too much for you. For these side sleepers, the thick foam border might not provide enough support.

This mattress is designed for side sleepers with a firmer lower back and a wider hip area. As an added benefit, it’s cool, thanks to its gel-infused foam layer. The natural cashmere cover also makes it breathable. This makes DreamCloud a great choice for side sleepers.

The DreamCloud mattress comes packaged in a box, and it takes a few days to fully unpack and inflate. It’s best to allow 24 to 48 hours for it to fully expand. After a few days, it will feel softer and more comfortable.


If you sleep on your side and need a firm mattress, the Tempur-Pedic mattress for side-sleepers might be right for you. This mattress features three layers of TEMPUR material to keep you comfortable. The first two layers are extra-soft, and they support your body and distribute your weight evenly. The third layer is made from densely-placed coils that resist motion transfer.

Tempur-Pedic is a well-known manufacturer of mattresses made with memory foam. This foam adapts to your body’s shape and weight, giving you support while you sleep. Tempur-Pedic has a variety of models designed for side sleepers. If you suffer from aches and pains on your shoulders or hips, you’ll want a pressure-relief mattress that helps redistribute your weight. The TEMPUR-breezedeg model is a great choice for those with hot nights of sleep.

A good mattress should provide plenty of support for your side, especially the neck. Side sleepers should try to limit pelvic rotation, as this can throw the spine out of alignment. Side sleepers should also try to avoid sagging in the shoulders, which can lead to shoulder pain. When the shoulder underneath the body collapses, it pushes up toward the neck, causing pressure and strain on the area.

Tempur-Adapt is an evolution of Tempur-Cloud and is designed for maximum adaptability. It features a Smart Base technology that responds to voice commands to counteract the effects of daily activity. The TEMPUR-Adapt is also the only mattress with a dual-layer SmartClimate cover system. The cover has a cooling, moisture-wicking cover that allows air to circulate and helps the mattress stay cool during the night.

Brooklyn Titan Luxe

If you’re a side sleeper, the Brooklyn Titan Luxe mattress might be a good fit. It has a firm, resilient feel with a reinforced center and solid core. Its density and pliability make it ideal for people with heavier bodies. If you’re a back or stomach sleeper, however, this mattress may not be right for you. You may want to consider other Brooklyn Bedding models.

The Brooklyn Titan Luxe has two firmness options: Medium and Firm. Medium has a soft top layer, while Firm has the firmest foundation. While both mattresses provide support and pressure relief, the Firm side is ideal for side sleepers. The Firm side has over 1,000 coils and a dense foam layer. This combination of support foam and coils can reduce the risk of back pain or joint pain. The mattresses also contain cooling gel to reduce body heat.

The Titan mattress is made for people who like to sleep cool, and the cooling gel technology helps reduce heat. This technology is a result of thoughtful design and innovation. It helps prevent the edges from sinking in too deep and allows for better airflow throughout the mattress. The cooling gel technology also helps reduce the chances of excessive heat retention.

The Brooklyn Bedding Titan is made in the USA. Its compressed and roll-packed shipping makes it convenient for the buyer. It also comes with a 120-night sleep trial, free returns, and a 10-year warranty.


The Layla mattress is flippable, which means that you can choose which side you sleep on. The mattress has a center layer of copper gel foam, which is the firmest and densest foam. This layer engages with your body as you lie on either side. Since it was first launched in 2016, it has always been flippable.

The firm side has a 1-inch layer of copper-gel memory foam, which response to your body’s curves. It’s not as thick as the soft side, but it still provides the pressure-point relief you need. It has a zippered closure on the top so you can easily remove it if you want to change sides.

The Layla mattress’s cover is made of a polymer-gel blend to help regulate temperature. It also comes with a color-coded cover, which helps you identify which side of the mattress is firm and which side is soft. The cover is removable and washable, which is a big plus.

Layla offers a Limited Lifetime warranty. It covers defects that occur as a result of normal use, including rips in the mattress’s fabric, ripped seams, and deteriorated foam.

Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

The best mattress for back sleepers is not necessarily the most expensive one. You can choose a cheap one if you do not need a thick mattress. However, it is important to know that there are some great mattresses out there that are suitable for back sleepers. You can look for reviews online to find out which ones are the best.

Helix Dusk Luxe

The Helix Dusk Luxe mattress is a medium-firm mattress that offers pillow-top comfort and a cool Tencel cooling technology on the top. The mattress also features Memory Plus Foam, which conforms to the body’s contours and relieves pressure on the muscles and joints. This foam also provides pressure relief, reducing pain points and ensuring a better night’s sleep.

The Helix Dusk Luxe mattress is shipped in a box that can be assembled in the home. It weighs up to 100 pounds and is shipped for free. It is recommended that you have a partner to help you set up the mattress. It takes about two hours for the mattress to fully expand.

The Dusk Luxe mattress features five layers of foam and pocketed coils to provide back support and comfort for all body types. Its firmness is medium, making it ideal for back and side sleepers. The mattress’ thicker top layer supports the lumbar area, helping it maintain correct spinal alignment and promote healthy posture.

The Helix Dusk Luxe mattress for rear sleepers features a pillow top for added comfort and support. It also has Helix Dynamic Foam, which is a non-latex foam alternative. It is also responsive, making it easy to move around while sleeping. Memory Plus Foam is a layer underneath the pillow top for additional softer comfort and a classic memory foam feel. A high-density polyfoam layer serves as a transition layer between the two layers.

While the Helix Dusk Luxe mattress is excellent for back and stomach sleepers, it is not as great for heavier people. It’s not recommended for people who weigh more than 230 pounds and need a firmer mattress. Heavyweight people who side sleep will feel too much pressure and press harder into the mattress.

The Helix Luxe mattress is expensive, but if you can’t afford the full price, the company offers financing options. The company offers no-interest financing and will even eliminate excess fees if you pay within six to 12 months. You can also take advantage of free shipping within the U.S., as well as Canada.

Brook and Wilde Luxe

If you prefer to sleep on your side or back, the Brook and Wilde Luxe mattress might be just what you’re looking for. It comes in three firmness levels: firm, medium, and soft. The firm option is ideal for back sleepers who need a firm mattress that doesn’t sink in. It also has plenty of padding for light sleepers.

The Brook and Wilde Luxe mattress for back-sleepers features individual pocketed coils in both layers. These coils individually respond to your movements and suppress surface tension. This mattress also features innovative ‘wave technology’ in the fourth layer of foam. This layer combines two types of foam for a softer surface and a supportive base.

Brook and Wilde offer a 100-night trial of their Lux and Elite mattress. They also provide a 10-year warranty upon purchase. The company is known for providing great service. If you don’t like your new mattress, Brook and Wilde offer a 100-night return policy. You can also change the firmness level once during your trial period.

This luxury British brand is dedicated to offering premium mattresses and other sleep products that are designed to fit the shape of your body. The Brook and Wilde Luxe mattress is ergonomically designed and available in firm, medium, and soft options. The company is also committed to making high-quality design affordable for the masses. They operate through a direct-to-consumer model and plant trees as part of their sustainability program.

The Brook and Wilde Luxe mattress for back-sleepers feature six layers of luxurious luxury. The mattress is designed to provide spinal alignment and back support. It also features cooling and breathable memory foam, as well as 2,000 mini pocket springs. The cover is hypoallergenic.

The Brook and Wilde Luxe mattress is versatile and can be placed on any bed frame. This model is compatible with box frames and slat beds. Brook and Wilde recommend a 6-cm slat spacing, as opposed to the standard 10cm. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, but it does not cover normal aging, changes in foam hardness, or discoloration of any component.

Tempur Signature

The Tempur Signature mattress for back sleepers has an extra layer of air foam, which should provide extra support and pressure relief. Tempur also makes a firmer model, the ProAdapt, that may alleviate hip pain in some back sleepers. The firmness of the ProAdapt can be adjusted from firm to medium.

Different people have different body proportions, so it is important to try several mattresses in a store before you decide to purchase one. Try lying on the mattress for at least ten or 15 minutes, paying attention to how the mattress feels on your back. Ideally, you should be able to draw a straight line from your neck to your knees.

A mattress for back sleepers should have the firmness that cradles your lower back and promotes proper spinal alignment. The Tempur-Cloud Hybrid provides a balance of firmness and softness. While the Tempur-Cloud Hybrid will feel the firmest for light to average-weight sleepers, it will sink too much for heavyweight sleepers. However, it does provide a good level of motion isolation and temperature regulation for back and stomach sleepers.

Tempur Signature mattresses are known for their high quality. This brand is a top choice for many people. The company has a huge variety of mattresses to choose from. Many of them feature the Tempur-APR foam that helps alleviate pressure points and provide deep rest. They are also available in a variety of firmness levels, from soft to medium hybrid.

Another option for back sleepers is the T&N mattress. This firm option is a good choice for people who suffer from hip and back pain. It offers an affordable price and comes with a 10-year warranty. If you’d prefer a firmer mattress, you can also try the Saatva Classic Mattress.

The cooling gel memory foam mattress is made of four layers of memory foam, which are a little more expensive than other brands. The top layer is made of a thick layer of memory foam and it contours to your body shape. The cover is softer than the Tempur Comfort Layer, but it provides firmness and lifts.

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