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The importance of agricultural insurance

Agricultural insurance is an indispensable tool for farmers and ranchers for several reasons. One of the main ones is that it is estimated that in Spain there are an average of 1.5 million agricultural incidents that need to be addressed, which cause 750 million euros in compensation. The cost of such damage is unbearable for most farmers and ranchers, while the risks of an accident are very high.

Today, one of the added risks to farms is climate change disruption. It is important to note that these changes are not uniform and, therefore, in addition to being essential to take steps to adapt to this new reality, it is also essential to have the necessary protection to deal with any unforeseen events.

What is agricultural insurance?

The rural environment is exposed to adverse weather conditions and other risks that make the existence of agricultural insurance essential. These policies protect any farm from damage caused by fire, crop loss, animal disease, adverse weather effects, and other factors.

In Spain, the agreement between political parties, agrarian organizations, and insurers is regulated by the Moncloa Pacts. Through the law on agricultural insurance, an insurance system is established based on public and private collaboration. This agreement shows solidarity with the rural environment, but also the need to have an insurance system that can guarantee the survival of farms.

In this sense, it should be noted that taking out agricultural insurance is entirely voluntary for farmers or ranchers. However, there is no doubt that it is highly recommended given the risks to which the natural environment is exposed.

Agriculture insurance coverage

At iSeguros, we offer you agricultural insurance that includes different coverages depending on the farm. In this way, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have tailor-made protection:

  • Agricultural holdings: Agricultural insurance is responsible for protecting crops, plantations, and facilities in the event of adverse weather events, fires, or any other unforeseen events.
  • Logging: This policy also protects against damage from forest fires, floods, wind, and snow to conifers, deciduous trees, and shrubs. In addition, the production of pineapple, cork, and poplar wood can be ensured.
  • Aquaculture: In case of adverse weather conditions, oil spills, temperature changes, and other unforeseen events, marine and continental aquaculture are covered.
  • Livestock farms: Coverage is offered against climate risk and resulting accidents, animal attacks, and certain diseases. In addition, the policy provides for the removal and destruction of dead animals.

Advantages of our agricultural insurance

By taking out our agricultural insurance, you will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Personal and specialized attention: We put at your disposal a team of experts who will offer you the necessary advice, both when defining the necessary coverages and if you have to process a claim. We offer you personalized attention and we always fight to defend your interests.
  • Adaptability and flexibility: Our policy adapts to the needs of any farm, forestry, aquaculture, or livestock.
  • Installment payment: If you have the SAECA guarantee, you will be able to pay the premium for this insurance in installments.
  • Second appraisal: If you suffer any inconvenience, in case of disagreement with a first appraisal, you can request a second appraisal. In this way, we guarantee you the most beneficial and fairest solution.

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