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The Richest Franchises in MLB – Brand Value of Each MLB Team

More than 15 million Americans play Baseball at some amateur level. More than 100 million Americans tune in to watch the premier baseball competition in the world, Major League Baseball. MLB is one of the world’s richest and most established leagues, with billions of dollars’ worth of revenue and investments.

The 2021 season resulted in 9.56 Billion US Dollars as the combined revenue of the teams. On the other hand, the average value of each franchise in major league baseball is more than 2.07 billion US Dollars. The highest valued team in the league was valued at more than 6 billion US Dollars, while the lowest valued team was just shy of a billion dollars.

While all these figures sound very promising and encouraging, do you know which franchise is the richest in MLB history?

Let us dive deeper into the brand value of the richest franchises in Major League Baseball. Let’s see how rich your favourite team is.

New York Yankees:

Leading the financial charts is the New York Yankees, who are not only the richest team in Major League Baseball but are also the fastest growing franchise since the last valuation.

Yankees were reported to have a total brand value of more than 6 billion US Dollars. They also saw the highest rise and growth in brand value as their brand value was 50% higher than their last valuation in 2017.

This implies that they rose from a brand value of 4 Billion US Dollars in 2017 to a value of 6 Billion US Dollars in 2021. Moreover, they reported a revenue of 482 million Dollars in the previous season. Interestingly, they are second on the list of the highest revenue-earning franchises, behind the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers:

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the second richest team in MLB, with a brand value of 4.075 Billion Us Dollars. They saw an encouraging 35.8% growth in their value since 2017.

More importantly, they have led the revenue generation charts with 565 million US Dollars.

Boston Red Sox:

Boston Red Sox is the third highest valued team in the MLB. Its total brand value was estimated at 3.9 billion US Dollars, with a 39.3% increase in value from the last time. They annually earn 479 million dollars in revenues.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs are fourth on the list of highest valued MLB franchises, with a brand value of 3.8 Billion US Dollars. It witnessed a growth of 31% and earned about 425 million US Dollars in revenues each year.

San Francisco Giants:

San Francisco Giants are the fifth richest team in Major League Baseball. They earn annual revenue of 384 million US Dollars while they have a total brand value of 3.5 Billion US Dollars. The growth numbers for them were marginally lower than the other top teams. Their brand value grew by a modest 20.7%.

New York Mets:

Another New York-based franchise finds itself among the richest MLB Franchises. Perhaps that’s the New York Effect. Not entirely, though, since their performances over the years have been impressive, and they have done well to earn themselves a substantial fan base and respectable brand value. Its value rose by 26.2% to reach 2.65 Billion US Dollars. They make a modest 300 million USD in revenue.

St Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals saw a rise of 28.9% to finish with a brand value of 2.45 Billion US Dollars. Their revenue is about 287 million USD.

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies have a brand value of 2.3 Billion USD while they make 323 million USD annually. Their growth was very encouraging, with a rise of 35.3%

Los Angeles Angels

Los Angeles Angels were valued at 2.2 billion US Dollars and had annual revenue of 331 million US Dollars.

Atlanta Braves:

Atlanta Braves have been an interesting asset of the MLB. Though they were valued at only 2.1 Billion USD, which makes them the 10th richest MLB franchise, their total revenue was estimated to be 443 million USD, the fourth highest in the league.

The future looks promising for them as they saw a 31.3% rise in brand value.

These are the 10 richest franchises in the MLB. The rest of the details are as follows.

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These are the 10 richest franchises in the MLB. The details about the rest of the franchises are as follows:

Team                       Brand Value  Revenue Generation

Texas Rangers               $2.05 billion  $387 million

Washington Nationals   $2 billion       $322 million

Houston Astros             $1.98 billion  $388 million

Toronto Blue Jays        $1.78 billion    $238 million

Chicago White Sox      $1.76 billion    $258 million

Seattle Mariners         $1.7 billion      $313 million

San Diego Padres        $1.575 billion  $282 million

Detroit Tigers              $1.4 billion      $268 million

Minnesota Twins         $1.39 billion    $268 million

Colorado Rockies        $1.385 billion  $270 million

Arizona Diamondbacks           $1.38 billion    $267 million

Baltimore Orioles       $1.375 billion  $251 million

Pittsburgh Pirates       $1.32 billion    $258 million

Cleveland Guardians   $1.3 billion      $267 million

Milwaukee Brewers    $1.28 billion    $269 million

Cincinnati Reds                       $1.19 billion    $266 million

Oakland Athletics        $1.18 billion    $208 million

Kansas City Royals      $1.11 billion    $263 million

Tampa Bay Rays          $1.1 billion      $252 million

Miami Marlins            $0.99 billion    $240 million

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