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The Therapies Adopted By Integrated Pain Consultants –Nikesh Seth in Arizona

Experiencing chronic pain in your leg, back, neck, knee, or any other part of your body can be intimidating and stressful! We spoke to some people who have been able to manage their pain better, and their recommendation is to go to the best Integrated Pain Consultants and, as per reviewsDr. Nikesh Seth, based in Arizona, is the best! You can also find encouraging reviews of Dr. Seth on the internet by patients who now live a comfortable life free from pain.

The study says that an integrated pain management therapy session with the best-integrated pain consultant is what you require to increase your overall levels of wellness. Dr. Seth’s reviews published also talk about the various therapies adopted to help manage their chronic pain. Let’s understand these therapies.

What is  Integrated Pain Management Therapies By Dr. Nikesh Seth in Arizona?

Integrated pain management therapies are functional and integrated medicine practices that can be used alongside primary care to manage your chronic and acute pain. Reviews say that an integrated pain consultant knows this the best and formulates a unique plan for each individual based on needs.

Dr. Nikesh Seth in Arizona, as a leading integrated pain consultant, looks at each and every patient as a whole that would including their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These therapies tend to bring back your balance within the body by taking into account the underlying symptoms of chronic pain and are often continued by patients to maintain their overall wellness and quality of life. The patients’ reviews of Dr. Seth also vouch for the same!

Some Benefits of Integrated Pain Management Therapies by Nikesh Seth in Arizona?

The best part about integrated pain management therapies by Nikesh Seth, based in Arizona, is to manage your chronic or acute pain. The Integrated forms of medicine are typically non-invasive and low intensity. Most importantly, it does not use narcotics. The benefits of these therapies include:

  • Improvement in the quality of your life
  • Reduction in the intensity and severity of pain
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved coordination and cognitive function
  • A decrease in the emotional distress, levels of stress, and anxiety·
  • A decrease in the use of medications, especially in the case of recovering substance abusers
  • Improvement in your sleep quality

What will happen during Integrated Pain Management Therapy Sessions

We understand that first-timers going to integrated pain consultants would not know what to expect. A certified professional like Nikesh Seth in Arizona will begin by asking you a detailed list of questions that will determine your current health status, including present symptoms of pain and other health-related conditions. Your evaluation will also include your sleep and mental and emotional well-being. You may also undergo some tests because before the customized treatment plan is developed for you, the root cause needs to be identified. A detailed and customized integrated pain management therapy treatment plan is formulated per Dr. Seth’s reviews.

Based on your individualized treatment, sessions can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes in length and will go on for multiple weeks before any change in pain levels can be experienced. Your integrated pain consultant reviews also mention that they timely evaluate your progress at regular intervals, and it’s often common for new integrated health therapies to be prescribed along the way.

The team at Nikesh Seth in Arizona understands that medications tend to mask the pain. Their goal is to treat the pain by identifying the root cause. You would receive interventional pain management techniques, including ketamine infusions, platelet-rich plasma injections, spinal cord stimulation, stem cell infusions, and other advanced treatments.

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