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The Ultimate 2022 Guide to Creating Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures (Restaurant SOP)

A restaurant needs a predefined list of norms and rules to work smartly and productively. The failure or success of any restaurant relies on how well standard operating procedures for restaurants are created to produce standard service and how well the requirements of the clients are met. The SOP concentrates on characteristics such as how well the clients are attended to, how the food is prepared, and more.

The standardization of operational procedures (SOP) is a must-have to keep your restaurant ahead and in check. The set of procedures also assists in pursuing your old and new employees about their day-to-day obligations and implementing a set of guidelines competently. This blog breaks down the ultimate guide to creating restaurant standard operating procedures.

Know the Ultimate 2022 Guide to Creating Restaurant Standard Operating Procedures (Restaurant SOP)

Below-mentioned guidelines assist to facilitate managerial and operational procedures at a restaurant.

  • Food Preparation And Handling

Your restaurant’s kitchen functions such as handling and food preparation are one of the essence of your restaurant. Making sure that everything goes well in the kitchen would influence the functioning of your restaurant.

  • Food Preparation and Standard Recipes Methods

This is another important element of your restaurant SOP should include the protocol to avert your clients from getting a disease or allergy due to food, basic guidelines, and more.

The preparation contract implies the rules for specific dishes as well.

  • Food Presentation

The service norms of a casual restaurant, cafe, bar, dining and more will all be distinguishable. Any restaurant should be able to describe these standards to function the most productively. A restaurant SOP should include all the why’s of the first-line employee and how-tos of the dining.

  • Food Storage

A restaurant should be able to maintain a smart inventory and store its food. It would demand sufficient training for your employees to eliminate or reduce wastage. A precise set of guidelines could assist massively with how you need to store your food. It is advisable to add and include even the smallest details about the quantity and quality of the food that you store.

  • Customer Service Standards

Having a restaurant SOP for client service is paramount as it would assist you to set a guideline to exactly how the clients require it to be served. Besides that, managing your clients in a specific way would help you keep your clients and thus boost sales.

  • Seating and Greeting Arrangement

To increase sales and retain clients, a restaurant should have a particular set of guidelines that indicate a precise time within which the client is greeted and well seated from the time they enter your restaurant. Having a clear guideline for seating and greetings will eliminate confusion and help your restaurant to assist your clients better.

  • Order Serving, Taking, and Delivery Standards Guidelines

The restaurant’s SOP must include a set of precise rules related to the order serving, taking, and delivery service to help your customers efficiently. The guideline should include the evaluated intermediate time within which a food order should be obtained by the client and the formalities that require it to be completed by the delivery boy after delivering the order.

  • Final Settlement and Billing

Whether or not a restaurant utilizes an SOP to handle its billing, sales, and other procedures determines where the restaurant requires to apply some basic practices related to the use of SOP.

  • Client Complaint Management

Having the right restaurant standard operating procedures (SOP) could help you have an edge in the market. There are some motions that your restaurant could use to give your clients extra attention while they leave your restaurant. Taking feedback, suggestions, opening doors, managing their departure, and more would be a smart and great way to maintain a brand reputation. Have a medium where your customers can leave valuable feedback or complaints.

  • Hygiene and Health Regulations 

Another important element to manage is the supervision and maintenance of sanitary staff uniforms in the restaurant. You must maintain a different budget for your employee’s uniforms, as they reflect your restaurant.

  • Safety Measures

The most significant part of your SOP is the security standard that you require to take while delivering and preparing your food. Many studies have shown that approximately 15% of the casualties that happen at a restaurant occur due to lack of care and mismanagement. Staff must wear oven mitts while working in the kitchen and have comprehensive knowledge of how to manage accidents or fires.

With the right restaurant standard operating procedures (SOP), a restaurant can tackle everything and anything if the restaurant is facing or might face a problem in the future. Having standard operating procedures for restaurants can be beneficial for your restaurant. It is always better to have an efficient SOP handy while operating several restaurant operations.


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