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Top CBSE Schools in Pune for the Securing the Future of Your Child

  1. Delhi Public School: 

The Takshila Education Society and the Delhi Public School Society collaborated to build DPS Pune in 2003 to become one of the top CBSE schools in Pune. Senior secondary school in Pune, Maharashtra, known as Delhi Public School Pune. It is a co-educational school that is associated with the CBSE board. Students in Nursery through Grade 12 are served by the institution.

  1. The Kalyani School:

The Kalyani School is situated on a vast nine-acre campus in Manjri, Pune, Maharashtra. To offer each kid a high-quality education, the Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust has founded The Kalyani School (TKS). The CBSE curriculum is used by the co-ed institution. It is an English-medium school that serves junior kindergarten through grade twelve pupils.

  1. Sanskriti School, Bhukum

A CBSE school founded in 2005 is Sanskriti School in Pune. In 2008, it moved to a brand-new campus on 14 acres that were adjacent to Chandni Chowk. Prekindergarten through standards XII students can be admitted here, making it one of the top CBSE schools in Pune.

  1. Amanora University

Students from all around the world have access to excellent education and assistance because of Amanora School. The Central Board of Secondary Education is connected to Amanora School. It incorporates many nationalities and the MyPedia curriculum from kindergarten to Grade 10, forming a genuinely global society. The Balewadi school provides a range of academic, cultural, technological, and internationally related events in a vibrant setting.

  1. Global Indian International School:

The CBSE school’s cutting-edge equipment mixes conventional instruction with cutting-edge technologies. Modern infrastructure ensures that information goes outside the classrooms via platforms like electronic displays, Wi-Fi networks, and portable gadgets for age-appropriate education, but educators still assure engagement, regulation, and conversations in the classrooms making it one of the top CBSE schools in Pune. By doing this, we can guarantee that children receive an education that perfectly balances academics and the development of future talents.


  1. Pawar Public School

The Pawar Public School in Pune opened in March 2008 and is the second institution run by the Pawar Public Charitable Trust. The institution is committed to the child’s overall growth and does not just adhere to a textbook-oriented philosophy. The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is linked with the institution. English is the primary language of education at the institution.

  1. Heritage School

The Heritage School was founded in 2005 to educate the child cognitively, physically, mentally, and spiritually in a compassionate, child-centred environment. It is a Co-ed school with an English medium that is affiliated with the CBSE board. Students in the Balewadi school range in grades from first to twelfth.

  1. DAV Public School

DAV Public School Pune, which was founded in 2003, is dedicated to its noble mission of providing the highest education and enabling holistic development of body, mind, and spirit for Pune students. It is a co-educational day school that is associated with the CBSE board. Enrolment in the school is open from kindergarten through grade 12.

  1. All Saints High School:

In Pune, ALL SAINTS HIGH SCHOOL was founded in 1966. The school wants to give its students the knowledge and abilities they’ll need to handle the problems of the future. The Balewadi school offers instruction to pupils in Nursery through Grade 10 and is associated with the Maharashtra State Board and CBSE. It’s a coeducational school with an English medium.

  1. St. Mira’s School 

The St. Mira’s Educational Board was established in 1950 with Maharishi serving as its chairman. D.K. Karve, who had followed the development of the Mira Movement ever since it began. He greatly admired its founding principles and its revered founder. On March 1, 1950, the High School was inaugurated. St. Mira’s Primary School was established in 1952 not long after, to transform each child into a treasure of humanity and a gift from God. Sadhu T.L. Vaswani established the registered organization known as Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune.


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