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If you have used Sports Toto, such as Toto , Proto , and Batman , that are legally operated in Korea, we recommend using a safer, easier and safer private Toto site. Because, private major betting companies apply dividends, number of games, and events based on the method operated by large European betting companies than Sports Toto operated in Korea, so it is much more convenient and easier to use than Batman , and the return rate is high. For several reasons, each private betting site pays charging bonuses, winning points, various events, etc., and the most important is the dividend difference. Betway, 888 Sports, BET365, William Hill, Paddy Power When looking only at the same overseas legal 사설토토 sites and Batman dividend, the redemption rate is more than 20% higher than that of domestic Batman. Then, when comparing private toto sites and overseas betting sites, in the case of private toto sites, the payback rate is about 10% higher, saying that by default, at least 5% or more of a charging bonus and winnings such as various events are calculated. It is a known fact that if the charging bonus is high, the rate of return is inevitably higher. Despite the many advantages such as charging and exchanging freely and 24 hours betting possible, the biggest reason for reluctance to use a private toto site is eating out.

Private Toto

‘Sports Toto’, which bets on winning or losing various sports events at home and abroad and receives dividends according to the result, is actually using the Toto site through the Internet. The size of the private gambling market is estimated to be 83.8 trillion won as of 2015. This is four times the size of legal gambling such as Kangwon Land, Sports Toto, Lotto, and horse racing (21.7 trillion won as of 2017). Private Toto sites were created one by one about 10 years ago and started to earn huge profits.

The private Toto site was a different world. There were all sorts of sports, such as soccer, baseball, basketball, American football, and handball, held around the world, and the types of bets were win/loss, under-over (the sum of the goals of both teams exceeds the standard score), handicap (a method that gives unfavorable conditions to the strong team) ) and specials (first walk in baseball, first 3-point shot in basketball, goal in overall soccer, etc.)

In legal Sports Toto (Batman), you can bet on the outcome of matches such as win, draw, and loss from at least two matches, but private Toto can bet from the first match. The bet amount is also 1,000,000 won to 100,000 won on the Batman site (Sports Toto), while the private Toto is 50 to 3 million won. Of course, the dividend rate is also high for Private Toto. In the past, the government partially allowed online betting through the Internet in horse racing ARS betting in 1996 and horse racing, bicycle racing, and horse racing in 2004.

In the UK, according to the Gambling Act of 2005, operators who meet certain conditions can operate gambling sites. In 2014, the online gambling tax collection standard changed from ‘supply’ to ‘consumer’, and overseas businesses did not pay tax before, but now online businesses targeting British people are required to pay 15% of their bets as tax.

Sports toto

Domestic Sports Toto was introduced in 2001, and “Soccer Toto” was released for soccer matches in October. This became possible Sports Toto is largely divided into “fixed refund rate type Toto” and “fixed dividend rate type prototype”. In Sports Toto, the opponent bets a certain amount on the prediction of a sports game, and the person who hits the match bets the other party’s bet. It is a betting game where you take an amount. In order for a bet to be established, there must be a sporting event where bets can be made, the bettor must exist, and the betting result (betting) must proceed. Sports Toto can be called “a betting game that targets the results of sports competitions”.

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