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Touching your musical side – writing lyrics

Have you ever thought about writing a song? Do you like music We all know that the music is so much more than the background music you hear everywhere. No, the full lyrics came with it. The lyrics make the music, they make the music. The lyrics are usually written before the chorus and melody are added. The lyrics and the idea behind the song set the foundation for the music to come.

Think about your favorite songs. Why are they your favorite? For many, the lyrics catch their attention. Personally, my favorite songs are the ones that matter. Instead, it evokes an emotion in me or tells a moment in my life. The Lyrics tell a story. Any story can be told, whether it’s love broken, everlasting love, a person, a group of people, or a particular moment in life. You tell your audience a story and hope they can do something with it in some way.

Acceptance of musical ideas

Most of the verses you hear in the song come from the singer’s daily life. If you’re serious about songwriting, it’s a good idea to keep a journal handy and handy throughout the day, jotting down your thoughts. You never know when you’ve got a song idea. Be cautious and careful with your interactions throughout the day. Some things that can give you ideas for writing include:

Initial Conversation – When you talk with someone during the day, such as friends, family, or colleagues, you may find that something they have to say will give you an idea.

Events around you – Your surroundings can also tell a story.

In a taxi, walking down the street, on the subway or wherever you are. Something is possible, even the smallest thing that can spark a musical idea.

Newsletter – Current events, articles or even advertisements.

Magazines – Real life stories, fashion and other events can make an impression.

It’s important to remember that your verses are meaningful to you. They must flow flawlessly. You see, as mentioned earlier, the verses tell a story. So first, think of your scriptures as history. Write your story, and then you can start breaking it down into lyrics by comparing other key parts when your story is complete.


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