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Types of Stained Glass Ornaments to Add to Your Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is an annual family tradition that gets lots of us excited to join our families in dressing up the home for some festivities. Among the decorations we fill the home with, the Christmas tree ornaments are some of the most exciting to bring out or shop for. Some of the most popular designs are stained glass ornaments that feel timeless and charming.

Since there are so many styles of stained glass ornaments, we thought we would list out a few of the best designs you can pick up for your tree this year.

Playful Designs
A huge part of the fun around the holiday season every year is getting to decorate the tree with all of your favorite ornaments, whether or not they fall in line with a particular theme like “winter wonderland” or “rustic village.” This is especially great when you have small children in your family getting involved in all the fun. Kids are not usually as concerned with themes and interior designs as adults are. Kids normally just want things to look fun and colorful, and that’s a great thing.

As you hand-pick all the ornaments that go on the tree one at a time, you will probably want to include some more playful designs of stained glass ornaments so that everyone, including the kids can be happy. Kids can get the honor of hanging the bumblebee or butterfly ornaments right next to the more minimal ornament shapes. This just adds to the fun and gets the kids excited to decorate every year.

Stained glass ornaments are often associated with more classic styles that feel mature and elegant, but in reality, this type of glass art technique can be used to create all kinds of designs. You can appreciate the advanced techniques and timeless charm of stained glass even in more whimsical styles.

Personalized Plaques
Buying specialty ornaments made out of glass is a great opportunity to look into engraved ornaments. Some glass art shops will give you the option to customize your stained glass ornaments with any message you like. Often the best canvas for engraving is a simple plaque or frame design that gives you a good amount of blank space to work with and will also allow the message to be read easily.

Parents and larger families often love this style of ornament because it allows them to personalize ornaments for different people in the family. One of the more common reasons why people personalize their Christmas ornaments is to commemorate major milestones with their children such as “baby’s first Christmas.”

It is a great personal touch that makes your ornaments feel so much more unique and special to your family alone.

Faith-Based Symbols
Seeing as it is a traditionally religious holiday, it only feels natural that some designs would be representative of that. You can see this in the form of various symbols such as stars, angels, and crosses. Stained glass panels taking the form of these designs makes for some highly elegant and sophisticated decor for the tree.

It is very fitting that you would incorporate some religious symbols into your Christmas decorations, including your tree ornaments. These designs are both beautiful and meaningful, creating a winning combination.

You can find all of these stained glass designs available online at along with other beautiful examples of glass art for the home. Check them out and see which styles of stained glass ornaments feel like they would be the best fit for your family and your home around the holidays this year and for all the years to come.

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