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Unicycle or Bike Seatpost Clamp Not Letting You Adjust Seat Height Fully? Don’t Blame the Clamp, Cut Down the Seatpost!

We’ve all been there, whether on a unicycle or a bike (although most of us have probably experienced this more frequently with a bike).

You get on to go for a ride, and something feels off. Maybe you’re wearing different clothing or you just haven’t ridden in a few months – but this isn’t a rusty skillset – there’s something not right.

The saddle is too high. No big deal. You loosen the bolts on the unicycle or bike seatpost clamp and lower the seat tube.

Get back in the saddle (as they say) and the seat’s still too high! Only this time, you can’t lower the seat tube because it’s either resting against the frame (in the case of the bike) or too close to the tire (in the case of a unicycle).

Fun fact: Most seat tubes are actually designed to be cut down. It’s a way manufacturers have of hedging their bets against riders of all different heights, measurements, and other preferences.

Also, fortunately, there are two easy ways you can cut your seatpost down, at home, without any fancy skills or weird tools. All you need is a hacksaw or a pipe cutter (a vise helps too, though).

Cutting It Down: Hacksaw Edition
Cutting down your seat post with a hacksaw is probably the easiest way to go about it.

First, you need to measure how much you want to cut off. Be conservative about this estimate – because, remember, you cannot put inches back on the seatpost once you cut them off.

Mark your seatpost where you want to cut it. You can use a marker or just sharply score the spot with the teeth of the hacksaw.

Then, secure the seatpost in something that will hold it steady. A bench-mounted vise works great for this.

Using the hacksaw, begin to cut through at the marked spot. Cutting straight through with a hacksaw can be difficult. If you notice the cut starting to migrate or cut at an angle, start the cut again.

Once you’re all the way through, file off any burrs with a round or half-curved file, and then reinstall your seat post in your unicycle.

Ditto, But with a Pipe Cutter
If you don’t have easy access to a hacksaw but you do have access to a pipe cutter, you can cut down your seatpost with one of those instead.

Just like you would otherwise, measure how much you want to cut off. Again, be conservative. You can always take off more. Then, mark the seat post where you intend to make the cut.

Tighten the blade of the pipe cutter to your seat post, then clamp it in place and rotate the seatpost. Be sure to hold the seatpost steady so the cutter doesn’t rotate, or it will mess up the cut.

After each revolution around the seat post, tighten the blade. Continue this until you have cut through the seatpost. Pipe cutters typically leave a smooth cut, but if there are any burrs or sharp edges, file them down.

Looking for a Unicycle or BIke Seatpost Clamp Instead?
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