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Want to Get Healthier? Consider a Rock Climbing Gym Membership

Living a healthy lifestyle is the key ingredient to leading a happy life. When you are eating more whole foods, then pairing your healthy diet with proper exercise, you are significantly increasing your chances of living a longer life and a far happier one!

However, that is far easier said than done. Some unhealthy food is far too tempting (looking at you, pizza and cheesecake). Some exercise programs, classes, and gym memberships can be far too expensive and yet not expansive enough.

Not only that, but certain workouts can be downright boring after a while! And, when you’re bored of something, you are far less likely to keep doing it.

For those struggling especially with finding the perfect workout that can suit any body type but will never be boring should most certainly consider one type of membership: a rock climbing gym membership.

When you have a rock climbing gym membership in particular, however, you will be providing your body with astounding benefits. So why exactly is rock climbing so great for you and your body? Let’s take a look at just four benefits of rock climbing.

Rock Climbing Benefits

1. Excellent for Both Muscle Building and Weight Loss
The key to any successful exercise program is to achieve both goals of burning fat and building muscles. Fortunately, that’s precisely what rock climbing can do, since you can work each muscle group (muscle building and toning) and burn fat during your workout– and even after your workout!

2. Low-Impact
Some people cannot indulge in higher impact exercise programs, like HIIT, running, and CrossFit. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t work out at all! In comes rock climbing, as it can keep your joints and other muscles at ease as it is a low-impact (but effective!) workout.

3. Powerful for the Mind, Too
Rock climbing involves a lot of concentration, problem-solving, and focus. You can also experience a boost in self-esteem and essentially decrease symptoms of some mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

4. Not Boring!
It’s only natural for some people to feel as if they are too bored of treadmills, dumbbells, and machines found in a typical gym setting. Fortunately, rock climbing isn’t boring– it’s exhilarating and fun! Never be bored again while you workout– or even before it because you’ll actually look forward to doing it!

Benefits of a Membership with Reach Climbing & Fitness
If you are in the Philadelphia area, you have one of the best rock climbing gym options available to you right in your neck of the woods: Reach Climbing & Fitness! They have one of the best facilities around– and one of the best rock climbing gym memberships.

They not only offer their members unlimited use of their rock climbing facilities but also numerous other advantages, such as:

● Unlimited access to their training and fitness facilities

● Unlimited Yoga and Krav Maga classes

● Discounts on events, classes, camps, swag, and gear

● Guest passes

● No cancellation fees (every gym membership holder’s dream!)

Are you ready to take your physical fitness seriously? Then join the Reach Climbing & Fitness family today! Give them a call to get started at 484-704-7612.

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