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Ways to Treat Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common condition outbreaking in India nowadays. There are various degrees of hearing loss like gradual, partial, single-ear hearing loss, etc. Diabetes and hypertension also contribute much to the progression. Hearing loss can be treated in various ways, from medical attention to auditory equipment like hearing aids. 

Hearing loss treatment is determined by the source and extent of the problem. Mumbai is one of India’s most prominent cities in terms of ENT doctors in Mumbai. Specialized and sub-specialized ENT doctors in Mumbai and other Indian cities experienced in their fields play an essential part in treatment.

Subspecialties of ENT

The best way to manage all the diseases is to treat the patient to various subspecialties under ENT doctors. It reaches a more specific zone of the problem. The parts include

  • Otology: for the external, middle, and inner ear.
  • Rhinology: for nose and sinus problems.
  • Dysphagia: for Swallowing issues.
  • Vertigo clinic: Deals with all kinds of conditions which affect the balance. 
  • Snoring: related to Sleep Apnea
  • Pediatric ENT: for ear, nose, and throat of children.
  • Skull Base Surgery: Deals with tumors of the skull base, etc.


To know the extent of hearing loss, the treatment needs proper diagnosis to decide the solution. Doctors of ENT diagnosis may suggest

  • Physical examination to external causes and structural uniformity to visualize the problem.
  • They can perform a general or app-based hearing test to know the extent.
  • They also can conduct machinery screening like audiometer tests.
  • Available tuning fork test is also included by producing sound through metal tuning forks.


The advancement in medical sciences has given many approaches to securing and curing hearing loss. The continuous effort by the ENT doctors and their all helping assistants have led to breaking the obstacles. Hearing loss can be of three types, i.e., conductive, Sensorineural, or mixed hearing loss. No matter which type it may be, the treatment and effort can completely cure it. The ways or options include:

  • Ear wax disposal: Wax obstruction is the reversible action of hearing loss. The treatment includes the removal of ear wax through suction or small tools directed by the doctor.
  • Hearing Aids: Damage in the inner ear leads to hearing loss, and these certain cases can be solved by hearing aids. It is a device to make noises louder to be caught easily by the inner ear. They can be of two types mainly, but according to design, it has other subtypes. According to need, the ENT doctor may direct to choose the right one. Types include:
  • Analog hearing aid
  • Digital hearing aids
  • Surgical Implantations: Some conditions of hearing loss need surgical attention. It includes
    • Middle ear implants: Placing a small device in middle ear bones for sending louder sound vibrations. 
    • Bone-anchored hearing aids: Placing the device in the bone behind the ear to transmit sound into the inner ear through the skull.
  • Cochlear implants: Severe hearing loss needs cochlear implantations. The ENT doctor can recommend this to send signals straight to your auditory nerve, which transfers sound to the brain, bypassing damaged sections of the ear.


The treatment does not only cure the patients after the procedures. Instead, the care and support do. In India, it is renowned for its consideration after treatment. Especially the ENT doctors in Mumbai in India are working to a greater extent more towards the care. After treatment, the patient needs to be cope up with the situations like less exposures to loud noise, proper hygiene maintenance, and avoiding lifting heavy weights.

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