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Refreshing Western Drinks That You Should Try This Summer

As summer is here already you must be worrying about how to stay hydrated. As hydration is the most important thing when it comes to surviving in summer. A lot of us may not drinks plenty of water regularly and this can bring some negative effects on our health and skin. But the best part is water is not the only source of hydration.

There is an endless number of drinks that you can make providing a boost of hydration by refreshing you. Even though there are so many drinks that you may have tried but when it comes to summer drinks one needs to make sure that they are refreshing and hydrating. In this article, you will get to know about all these drinks. Read the article carefully and try the best drinks ever.

Pink Lemonade

You must be wondering like how can lemonade be pink. But you need not worry as this is going to be the best and the most hydrating drink you have ever tried. Giving a high dose of vitamin C has a lot many health benefits too. All you need is fresh juicy lemon, some salt, sugar, and rose syrup.

Add all the ingredients just like a normal lemonade and when you are done with it add the sugar syrup giving it a beautiful pink color. You can also add some mint leaves to it giving it the best possible taste. Also, don’t worry about the rose syrup like how many ml in a shot are to be added. Just add as per your taste.


If you are someone who loves watermelon extremely then you are going to love this drink. This drink is very different and special as it also has chunks of watermelon in it. You need not worry about watermelon chunks as how many ounces in a cup are to be added. Just add as you prefer.

All you need to prepare this amazing drink is watermelon, sugar, rose syrup, and milk. Add sugar to the milk and stir it till it dissolves. Now add the watermelon chunks and make sure the seeds of the watermelon are removed otherwise it may spoil the taste. Add the rose syrup and some ice cubes. And there you go with a glass full of watermelonade. Enjoy it with your favorite snack and you will love it.

Pulse Candy Shot

This is going to be the most western best drinking you have ever tried. As you need candies to make this amazing drink. First of all crush some pulse candies or any candy that has a sour taste. And give it a nice drink to give it a powder-like texture. Now in a glass add some ice cubes and this candy powder and now while adding soda you have the options.

If you don’t prefer sugar please add plain soda you can also add carbonated drinks such as Sprite or 7 Up. Or if you want to keep it hundred percent organic you can also add just plain lemonade some mint leaves and lemon slices and enjoy the most refreshing drink this summer.


We have mentioned some drinks that you can try for sure. And once you have done trying these there are always a lot of options which you can go for. Such as coconut water, buttermilk, room afza, aam Panna, an endless number of shakes, etc. We can assure you that all these drinks are extremely hydrating and refreshing making summer the best season of your life. So this summer stay healthy, hydrated and fresh.

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