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What Are My Options for Unicycle Seatpost Clamps?

It’s happened to all of us at some time or other. You get in the saddle (of a unicycle, of course) and something feels a bit off. Maybe the saddle is too high or too low.

Not to worry, you don’t need to physically alter your seat tube at this point – just raise it or lower it by loosening the seatpost clamp and sliding it up or down.

Then you can get back to riding.

But not all seat post clamps are created equal. There are a few different styles of seatpost clamps, both of which offer secure adjustments, despite the fact that they must be adjusted differently. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Seatpost Clamp?
A seatpost clamp is like a collar that is fixed to the top of the unicycle frame. The seatpost tube slides through the clamp and down through the frame. The clamp can be adjusted or tightened in order to secure the seatpost tube at a given height.

These clamps make it possible to adjust the height of the saddle on the fly, in the field, which is great for times when you’re wearing different clothing, or when you’re trying to learn to ride a new unicycle, which might be your friend’s, and which therefore won’t be adjusted to you.

What Types of Seatpost Clamps Are There?
There are two main types of unicycle seatpost clamps, bolt-on seat clamp models and quick-release models.

● Bolt seatpost clamps
Bolt seat clamps contain a bolt that is used to tighten the clamp, like a collar around the seat post tube. This prevents the seat tube from sliding up or down.

There are also bolt seatpost clamps that have two bolts instead of one. Considering the two bolts that secure them, they offer a surer adjustment than single bolt models.

Bolt seat clamps provide a very strong, secure adjustment for your unicycle’s seat tube, but at the same time, they require a special tool (one that fits the head of the bolt) to adjust them. This can make it complicated to adjust them in the field unless you have the necessary tool with you.

● Quick-release seatpost clamps
In addition to bolt seat post clamps, there are also quick-release seat clamps that have a lever instead of a bolt. The quick-release lever can be opened by swiveling it open (away) from the clamp body, which allows the seat tube to slide up or down through it. To secure the quick-release clamp, simply close the lever.

Just like with bolted models, there are quick-release models that have two quick-release levers, which afford a more secure fit. Also, these are preferable to some riders because they enable saddle height to be adjusted easily in the field and without the need for tools.

A Note on Size
Both of these styles of seat clamps are available in several different sizes, so it is important to make sure that if you are going to replace your seat clamp, you purchase a model that is compatible with your unicycle.

Unicycle seat clamps are predominantly made in 28.6mm and 31.8mm sizes, although some Nimbus unicycles accept clamps in 25.4mm and 34.9mm sizes. Be sure you check your model’s specifications before attempting to replace the clamp to ensure you buy an appropriately sized replacement.

Why Would You Change a Seatpost Clamp?
The main reason you might want to change your seat post clamp is if you want to be able to adjust your saddle height in the field without a special tool, in which case switching to a quick-release model might be beneficial.

Where Can You Get Unicycle Seatpost Clamps?
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