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What are the best ways to sell old speakers?

Do you own old speakers that you are tired of and are looking for an upgrade? There are many new speakers available in the market for purchase. However, the old speakers will be useless. You can make money by selling these old speakers. If you are getting new speakers, let go of the old ones and sell them. Selling old speakers will help you earn a considerable amount of money.

Are old speakers worth anything?

 If you want to sell old speakers, you need to ensure that the speakers are worth anything. The speaker’s condition should not be terrible as their value would reduce. The speakers are in good condition if the speaker turns on. You can further check if the speaker’s mic, wifi, Bluetooth, charging port, buttons etc., are in good condition. If your speakers meet all these criteria, you will get the best price for old speakers. However, if your speakers are damaged and supposedly any part of the speaker does not function, the speaker’s value is decreased.

For instance, if your speaker does not connect to Bluetooth or wifi, it is still considered damaged. So, if your speaker isn’t in excellent condition, you might get a lower price for it. If you check the speaker well, you will know your speaker’s condition. Once you know if the speaker is worth selling or not, you can look for alternatives to sell old speakers to. There are multiple platforms you can consider while selling old speakers. However, it is essential to choose a platform you can rely on. 

Where can one sell old speakers?

You can sell your old speakers to Cashify. Cashify is one of the most trusted and convenient platforms to sell old speaker. The procedure to sell old speakers to Cashify is pretty simple. You need to find your speaker on the Cashify website to check the price of your speakers. However, it would be best to answer a few questions about your speakers to get the exact value. These questions are simple questions related to your speaker’s current condition.

Once you answer the questions, the website will show you the precise value of your speakers. If you are satisfied with the price, you can book a free doorstep pickup for your speakers. You can book the pickup at a time at your convenience at your home or workplace. A Cashify technician will visit you on the scheduled day and time. The technician will check the speakers, and if everything is well, he will give you instant payment in exchange for speakers. 

Cashify provides the best price for old speakers. So, selling old speakers to Cashify would be advantageous. Cashify’s procedure to sell old speakers is convenient and hassle-free. You can sell your old speakers sitting at your home or workplace. You also receive perks like instant payment, a valid invoice, etc. Therefore, if you sell your old speakers, you can consider Cashify as your primary alternative. 

Other options for selling old speakers :

The other option to sell old speakers online is OLX. The website lets users create advertisements for their products. You can upload an ad for your speakers on OLX and wait for potential buyers to reach out to you. Once a buyer reaches out to you, you can negotiate the price as per your needs. However, it would be best to ensure that no buyer wastes time asking questions and then does not buy the speakers.

You also need to beware of any scammers who promise to pay later and take away the product. Make sure you verify the details of a buyer before taking the deal ahead. Another drawback of this platform is that your old speakers might go unsold. If no user likes your value, your speakers might be unsold. Therefore, the website has multiple risks involved, and if you aren’t vigilant, the situation can be problematic. 

You can also sell old speakers on Quikr, a similar platform. However, the risk factors on both platforms are identical too. You should sell old speakers to a dependable and trustworthy source to avoid any risks. 


Among the above three options, Cashify is the most suitable alternative to sell old speakers. You get the best price and services like doorstep pickup, a valid invoice, etc. Therefore, Cashify looks like a safer option for selling old speakers online. You can also look forward to some local retail stores that buy old speakers. However, these retail stores might give you less price or might not be a genuine source to sell old speakers. It is better to go with an authentic source than to go for the one with no authenticity.

 To summarize it for you, Cashify offers the best price for old speakers and is also quite reliable for selling old speakers. If you are always on the go, Cashify’s services are the best for you.

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