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What are the top three high schools in Japan?

Talking about the responsibility in choosing the right school for a child’s future, it is important to pay attention to certain factors to ensure children get the most out of the education that their parents can afford. In Japan, secondary schools play an important role in enhancing the holistic skills of every student enrolled there. Choosing the best international school in japan is necessary as it is responsible for strengthening a child’s learning experience from an early age and ensuring that they are well prepared for a smooth transition to their preferred college or university. Some of these specific factors are as follows:

1. Accreditation

This ensures that teachers and supervisors in every secondary school are committed to their obligation to educate the children who will one day be responsible for the country’s future. In practice, to be accredited by a legitimate body, even secondary schools have to follow certain standards, which means that parents shouldn’t be stressed about the decline in the quality of education because their children continue to study at the same institution.

2. Free program

Some high schools in Japan are taking a step beyond teaching using conventional methods and trying to offer educational programs to enrich their students’ overall learning. These programs are also important when offered to help students who are slow or late in keeping up with the pace of their particular curriculum.

3. School Fee

While tuition fees may differ between public and private secondary schools, it is also important to note that these fees are often linked to the quality of the education provided. Access to better infrastructure and experienced teachers can make a big difference in your child’s development.

Below is a list of three high schools that give the right value in terms of accreditation and affordable tuition. They also offer their students a very useful high school program in Japan that is worth considering for all parents.

Global Indian International School (GIIS)

The GIIS Tokyo campus offers a unique approach to learning focused on providing students with outstanding educational opportunities. Despite being the highest ranked CBSE school abroad in 2020, GIIS offers four different teaching methods including IB. GIIS has many additional programs designed to significantly enrich the student’s educational experience. See the online form for admission to the school.

KAIS International School

Located in downtown Tokyo, KAIS International School promotes an open and creative learning environment. The aim of KAIS is to instill in its students a thirst for learning that will make them self-discovering learners throughout their lives. Specific research and critical analysis are at the core of the KAIS approach to learning.

Horizon Japan International School

Based in Yokohama and Sendai, Horizon Japan offers a rigorous educational program that prepares students to not only focus on their academic subjects, but also to develop strategies for dealing with problems in real-world situations.


Choosing the right high school is very important to secure a child’s future. But with a little help understanding the context of why each school is the best in its field, parents are better equipped to make equally informed decisions that are still right ten years later. So make sure your first steps are in the right direction.


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