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What Comes with Divinity Clergy Wear’s COGIC Class A Vestments?

A few years past, the presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Charles Edward Blake, representing COGIC, entered into a partnership with a provider of high-quality church vestments, Divinity Clergy Wear.

This partnership has resulted in the development of an official set of COGIC Class A vestments, which are available for sale online at

Divinity Clergy Wear’s G.C.P.E-Approved COGIC Class A Vestments
With close to 9 million members as of 2020, The Church of God in Christ is the fifth-largest denomination in the United States. The size of its membership and the scope of its involvement within the communities it serves necessitate the availability of high-quality garments and vestments that are affordable and of course, uniform in quality and appearance.

Divinity Clergy Wear’s official COGIC Class A vestments are General Council of Pastors and Elders (G.C.P.E.) approved and contain 6 pieces, and satisfy the above requirements for quality and aesthetics.

Their set contains a black Anglican cassock with a matching black cincture, along with a white surplice with traditional clerical lace, which is perfect for choir dress. In addition to these vestments, their COGIC-official set also includes a black tippet, along with a 36-inch black cord with a 2×3 silver cross.

These sets exhibit uncommonly high quality and uniformity and are available in a wide range of sizes, all the way up through 8XL. The price of the set itself won’t get you free shipping, but Divinity Clergy Wear does offer free domestic shipping on orders over $499. If a COGIC Class A vestment set is not all you need, bundle it with something else and get free shipping.

You can also visit them in their showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey, where they keep these and other stunning examples of their top-tier clerical attire in stock. Their showroom is conveniently located between two major cities and easy to access. Moreover, shopping for clothing is personal, and occasionally the best way to shop for it is in person.

Moreover, if you do decide to buy online, has everything an ordained priest could need, from cassock to clergy shirt and collar. They even offer garment bags with purchase for a nominal fee, which will protect your order in transit.

What Helped Inspire the Partnership?
Charles Edward Blake, on behalf of COGIC, recognized the need for every pastor to be able to have access to uniformity and affordability in church vestments. As a result, Divinity Clergy Wear, which has been a provider of affordable, consistent, and high-quality church vestments for years, was the perfect fit.

It is also worth a note that for many years, Divinity Clergy Wear has also developed and sold high-quality vestments, clerical garments, and clerical accessories for members of the clergy.

They offer a wide range of clergy robes, cassock and cincture sets, albs, surplices, rochets, clerical collars, stoles, and tippets. In addition to their proper vestments, they also sell a wide range of clergy shirts for both men and women (in an equally wide range of colors) as well as preaching suits, preaching jackets, dresses, and a broad range of clerical accessories.

Where Can You Learn More?
If you’re interested in learning more about Divinity Clergy Wear’s G.C.P.E-Approved COGIC Class A vestments, just visit their website online at

Divinity Clergy Wear is also easy to reach by phone at 877-453-3535, and they also operate a showroom conveniently located in Hamilton, New Jersey, not too far from either New York or Philadelphia. If you have additional questions call them at the number above!

For more information about cassock robe and  female clergy attire Please Visit: Divinity Clergy Wear. 

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