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What do Parents Expect from Preschool in Singapore?

Choosing the right preschool for their child is one of the most important decisions and responsibilities of parents and therefore they go to the greatest extent they can. 

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of their child’s future, so they do not want to go wrong by any chance, 


Checking all the details, doing all the research, reading reviews and expecting the best quality education for their little ones is one of the priorities of parents. When they leave their little one at preschool, they want their child to be learning, safe and happy.


But outside of the above expectations, what are the other expectations of parents from their child’s school and what do they expect from their teachers are listed below. So if you are one of the parents, do check this article to know what to expect from your child’s Preschool in Singapore.


Things parents should expect from the best preschool school in Singapore



The first thing any parent would want is to feel connected to what’s going on at school as their little one is going to spend most of the time at preschool. So it is necessary for a preschool to have an effective communication policy.


Best Schools in Singapore value partnership with parents greatly by fostering effective communication by engaging parents in seminars, monthly meetings, activities, conferences, events and daily e-reporting which helps parents to be updated about the things and feel connected.


Overall Development


Parents’ expectation from the preschool is the overall development of their child which can happen only from best quality early childhood education. As we all know that early years of children are crucial years which lays the foundation for the rest of their lives. It helps them in becoming a greater personality for a successful future ahead. So parents expect that preschool should focus on all the developmental areas.


Preschool in Singapore instills in a child a love of learning and helps them to become confident, independent, creative individuals who not only respect others but are also compassionate and possess empathy toward others.


Preschool curriculum includes practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics and culture.

Preschool teachers in Singapore provide exposure to engaging activities which helps them to know a child’s unique abilities in certain areas, helping them to reach their fullest potential. 


Passionate Teachers


Teachers are the backbone of the school and education system so it is necessary to have teachers who are professional experts holding years of experience in handling kids and know how to tackle kids in the best way. Parents rely on teachers to provide the right education and they view them as an extension of themselves who would take care of their little ones. 


Parents trust Preschool teachers of Preschool in Singapore as they are passionate, professionally trained educators who are hand-picked for their unique abilities and experiences. These teachers provide the love, care, and attention which children need in order to feel motivated, happy and safe. 



Safety is the most important criterion parents expect from preschool. So look for a preschool that is safety-certified and has other basic safety methods like parent live video monitoring, biometric check-in/out, live bus tracking, CCTV and proper background check of the staff members.


The other common expectations are:-

High quality of teaching 

Best curriculum

Affordable fees


School’s reputation


Parents’ main expectation from Best Schools in Singapore is the happiness of their children where they get a fun and supportive environment which helps them in learning and fostering intellectual, physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of their child.

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