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What exactly is Bourbon?

The origins of Bourbon

The origins of Bourbon are a bit murky, but it’s generally accepted that the first batch was made in 1789 by a Baptist minister named Elijah Craig. As legend has it, one day, while serving his congregation whiskey in his home, he discovered that the longer he kept the spirit stored away from light and air at an oak barrel aging warehouse on Jefferson Avenue in Bourbon County, Kentucky (the state where the best Bourbon brands is produced today), the better it got.

It wasn’t long before other distillers jumped on board with this new technique and began producing their versions of this golden nectar. But since their first batches were aged for only three years or less instead of the minimum four-year requirement for today’s premium bourbons, they were labeled “corn whiskey.”

Bourbon vs. whiskey

Bourbon is a type of whiskey, but it’s not the same as whiskey. Bourbon is made in America and has to be made in one particular way. But before we go into all that, let’s talk about whiskey.

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash (usually malted barley). It can be distilled to various strengths and ages for different lengths of time—which may result in various flavours depending on the ingredients used to make it and how long it was aging. Whiskey can also be blended with other distilled products like brandy or rum (or even wine), giving it a distinct flavor profile unique to that blend—just like when mixing different liquors makes something new called a cocktail!

To get this point across: If you have ever tried tequila or vodka (or any other distilled spirit), you have already tasted whiskey without knowing it!

Try it neat

  • If you’re new to Bourbon, try it neat. The best way to drink Bourbon is neat. When we say “neat,” we mean that you’ve got a nice, full-bodied glass of whiskey and nothing else in it (you’ll see why in a minute).
  • Neat drinks are best served in a rock glass. A rock glass is short and squat, and it’s designed for holding ice without melting too quickly-so; you don’t have to keep refilling your drink every two minutes while trying to enjoy yourself.
  • The best way to drink Bourbon is neat! There are many ways of serving whisky: with water or soda; as part of an Old Fashioned cocktail; on the rocks; mixed with cola syrup or ginger ale; blended with fruit juice like orange juice or cranberry juice – but none of these methods show off just how good quality blends can be because they mask the taste by adding other ingredients which dilute its purity.

If you like whiskey, Bourbon is something to try!

If you like whiskey, Bourbon is something to try! It’s made from corn, comes exclusively from the U.S., and is a type of whiskey from Kentucky and Tennessee.

It’s similar to other whiskeys in that it gets its flavor from fermentation, which converts the sugars in grains into alcohol. The difference between Bourbon and other kinds of whiskey? When distilling an unaged spirit like this, the brewer can add darker flavors from charred oak barrels used for aging—or not add them at all! Most bourbon brands age the bourbon for at least two years before being sold as ready-to-drink whiskies or used for crafting cocktails; this gives them time to pick up those sweet woody tones we mentioned earlier. Bourbon lovers will tell you that there’s nothing quite like sipping on some good old-fashioned American Bourbon brands. They are a comfort on a warm summer evening while sitting outside with friends by your favorite lake or river.


The next time you’re thinking about ordering a cocktail, don’t be afraid to try something new! Bourbon is one of the best things out there, so don’t hesitate.

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