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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that focuses on the action our clients intend to take to achieve their vision, goals and desires. Coaching raises questions leading clients to discover themselves, which increases their level of perception and responsibility. They benefit from an accompaniment structure, support and a valuable source of feedback. The coaching process helps clients set and achieve their professional and personal goals faster and easier than would be possible without the intervention of a coach.

There are different types of coaching. To find out more and clearly identify your needs, we invite you to read the differences between the objectives pursued for each type of coaching.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at senior leaders in organizations. These leaders usually occupy positions of significant authority and must manage in complex situations that can have a significant impact on their company, private or public, or on their industry.

Management coaching

Management coaching is usually used with mid-level managers, especially high potentials.

Career coaching

Career coaching is for anyone who faces a professional situation that requires a new looking at their career and their life.

Integration coaching

Taking up a position always presents a significant challenge, whether the person comes from within or from outside. Experts believe that the first 90 days in a new role are particularly crucial and can determine a person’s success or failure in their new responsibilities. Integration coaching is for anyone who takes on a new role and wants to set up the conditions for success in order to succeed more effectively.

Team coaching

Team coaching puts the team and its functioning at the center of its concerns. The participating team is made up of people who agree to share the same goal, the same values ​​and the same raison d’être. The coaching approach aims to facilitate communication between members and to converge towards the achievement of a common goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Group coaching

Group coaching is a partnership between a group of people with common concerns and a coach. The approach is based on concrete information and actions in order to develop the full potential of the participants of the group. These may or may not work within the same organization.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is a structured approach between an entrepreneur, an executive or a manager and a professional coach with a view to carrying out a business project, developing his leadership potential, improving his quality of life or even solving a problem, more efficiently and more quickly than he could alone.

Personal coaching

Life coaching consists of supporting a person in defining and achieving their life goals. The client, accompanied by the coach, identifies his limiting beliefs and his resources and continues his process of personal evolution.

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