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What Is the Best Color of Lipstick for African American Women?

Lipstick is a classic beauty product that has the uncanny ability of completely transforming the way your makeup looks with just a few passes. It all comes down to the color of lipstick you choose. The right color can make a huge difference in how you not only look, but feel with your makeup on. It can be a major confidence boost that gives you a little more confidence throughout the day. To help you find the best shades of lipstick for African American women, we are going to discuss a few categories that you definitely want to have in your collection.

Perfect Brown Nude
When it comes to wearable lip products, there is nothing quite like a nude lipstick to bring a look together, especially if you are wearing a more dramatic eye look or you just prefer natural makeup looks. The feeling of finding your perfect nude lip product is amazing and fills you with so much more confidence in how all of your makeup looks will turn out now that you have your ideal nude lipstick to bring it all together. A beautiful rich brown color makes a fantastic lipstick for African American women because it is able to add a little something to the lips to give them life and depth without looking washed out or overdone. Of course we do mean a brown lip color for African American women since nude is a category of colors, not a single shade. It is up to you to find your exact match to complete your collection. There are many different undertones for you to choose from including cooler or warmer shades, and some that even seem like the brown was mixed in with another color like pink. When shopping for lipstick for African American women, a good place to start is with nude or brown lip products.

Classic Red
Next up on our hunt to find the best shades of lipstick for African American women, we have the classic red. This color is a tough one to avoid since it is such a statement color that truly commands attention. It is hard to feel like you have a full lipstick collection if you do not have a bold red lip color in the perfect shade for your skin tone and preferences. You could opt for a warmer red that almost leans orange or a true blue-toned red which feels much more classic. Of course, there are also more subtle options like brick reds that have been toned down with a little brown or vampy reds that are deeper and feel more sultry. To find your perfect shade, you might want to look around online at photos of red lipstick on people with a complexion similar to yours so you can get an idea of how each color would look on you.

Pop of Color
Finally, once you have those staple shades covered, you want to move on and find a beautiful color of lipstick that stands out from the rest. Darker skin makes the perfect canvas for brighter colors and carries them naturally. Brighter shades of lipstick for African American women are incredibly flattering and complete a collection of lipstick. Even if you only have one pop of color in your collection, it makes a difference. Look for colors like a hot pink or bright orange for those bold lip days.

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