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What Requirements Do I Need To Work In Canada?

It is not something that you have thought about today, but it is an option that appeared in your mind some time ago. Of course, today is the day chosen to look for information and to have those aspects, until now in the air, a little more settled, right? You want to start a new life in this destination but first you need to know the requirements to work in Canada, since before getting on the plane you must know if you will be able to access a work contract at the destination.

Canada is a country that offers a quality of life above the world average, thus becoming a highly demanded destination for language trips abroad. Therefore, if you are thinking of studying English and working in Canada, here you will find all the information you need to start this adventure.

Canada, the best country to work abroad?

Canada is among the best in the world to travel (and live) and two official languages ​​are spoken, English and French. In addition, it is the second largest country in the world (after Russia), although it only has around 35 million inhabitants. You will find the best of Canada in its landscapes, with almost virgin national parks where you can get lost and find yourself, but also in its cities, full of culture and art.

As for the salary, the minimum is around €1,300 per month, and the quality of life is in line with the salary. In addition, Canada is a very hospitable country towards immigrants, which makes it easy for you to adapt to its culture and lifestyle quickly.

In fact, Canadians themselves consider student visa immigration as something favorable to influence the national economy and see multiculturalism as one of the main symbols of identity. For this reason, many people choose this destination both to work outside their place of origin and to take a language course in Canada.

What do I need to work in Canada?

The options to find work in Canada if you are a foreigner are many if you do it legally, in addition, in this way you will save yourself a headache once you are in the country. Canada’s immigration policy is receptive, seeing it as a potential for the country’s economy to remain stable. Even so, it is necessary to have a visa as an essential requirement to work in Canada. Therefore, to enter the country legally to work you have several options:

  • Enter as a tourist to look for work in Canada

In the case of Spaniards, it is not necessary to process any type of different visa to enter Canada as a tourist, but you do require the eTA. This is an authorization that costs $7 CAD (€4.68) and that you can request online; it will allow you, for 5 years, to enter the country as a tourist in periods of 6 months maximum.

With this option you can enter the country and start testing; get to know the country and the cities that best fit your lifestyle, or simply the one that presents you with the most opportunities for your profession.

  • Travel to Canada with the International Experience program

Each year the Canadian government offers visas for young Spaniards between the ages of 18 and 35 so that they can work in the country for one year. An opportunity to live an unforgettable year in Canada and the company you work for may want to get you a work visa extension surrey when your year ends.

In the International Experience program you will find three types of visa: working holiday, young professional and international co-op intership. In addition, you will have to be very attentive to the official page of the Canadian government because they are highly demanded visas.

  • Student visa to take a course in Canada

The student visa is great for combining language studies with a 20-hour-a-week job. In addition, you can take the opportunity to combine a language course in Canada with a higher specialization in your profession. In fact, the Canadian government offers you the possibility of obtaining the Post Fraduation Work Visa, with which you can immigrate to Canada between eight months and 3 years.

Tips for finding a job in Canada

As to find work you will find several options, and it is advisable that, if you can, combine them. Focusing on a single way of looking for a job reduces your chances of success. You can find job offers in Canada both online and at street level in the businesses themselves.

  • Job search portals to work in Canada

More and more companies carry out non-face-to-face interviews, that is, they quote you through Skype. An option that allows them to save time and streamline processes. An interview by computer is not easy, and you will have to know the keys to pass a job interview by Skype.

  • Volunteering in Canada

Perhaps this is not the option that most attracts your attention at first glance, but it is a way to meet people, participate in the progress of the country that welcomes you and will also give you added value to your resume.

Canada is a country with a strong volunteer culture and nearly half of the population is enrolled in such a program. The main cities where these programs stand out are Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Victoria; and the places where you can find volunteer programs are the Universities or the hospitals of the city where you reside.

The best advice is to find out what kind of volunteering you would like to do in Canada and what kind of qualifications you have to carry it out. You can sign up for volunteering to care for the elderly, to work in the fields or to collaborate with animal shelters (among others). You will also decide the duration, although they will always require a minimum commitment.

Canada is an ideal country to live an adventure of this type. It is a country where finding work as an immigrant is not a difficult task if you show interest. At Tec Idioms, as an agency specialized in traveling abroad, we can solve your doubts if you are thinking of embarking on a trip in search of work in Canada. Contact us, we will be happy to start this adventure with you.

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