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What to Look for in a Heavyweight Cotton Sweatshirt

While you are shopping for some wardrobe essentials, you want to check a few cold weather pieces off your list. One of which being a heavyweight cotton sweatshirt that you can wear alone, or with other garments to stay warm. In order to find a great, high-quality piece that you can count on for years, you want to keep your eye out for certain attributes that are usually a good sign for you.

Pure Cotton Fabric
Sometimes a company may make it seem like their garments are made from 100% pure cotton, but in reality, are made from a cotton blend that includes synthetic fibers you may not be interested in. So be sure to check the description properly to see if their heavyweight cotton sweatshirt is accurately labeled. You would not want to see extra, synthetic materials like polyester in the mix.

This makes a significant difference in the performance of a garment, since cotton is so distinct and popular for its natural properties. For one thing, cotton is known to be highly breathable and moisture-wicking, making it super comfortable on the skin and not feel stuffy.

The sweat or moisture-wicking trait is also super helpful if you are a heavy sweater, you spill water on your sweatshirt, or you let it hang to dry. The wicking pulls water up to the surface where it can air dry faster.

Retains Warmth Well
The main purpose for buying a heavyweight cotton sweatshirt is typically to wear it during the colder months to stay warm. It is a great layering piece that allows you to wear it under jackets or coats and over shirts and undershirts, should you feel the need.

If you are purchasing a heavyweight sweatshirt, you want it to be pretty warm and cozy so you can rely on it whenever it gets a little chilly or very cold. You can usually tell based on looking at it or by reading the description and reviews. It also helps that cotton is known for being super comfortable and cozy, great for chillier weather when it is crafted into a thicker garment.

Fit & Neckline
Last but not least, we have the fit of the sweatshirt. When you hear the phrase heavyweight, your first assumption might be that it is going to be thick, heavy, and bulky. However, that is not always the case. It really comes down to the construction, cut, and material chosen for the heavyweight cotton sweatshirt to determine the fit.

This could be good news for anyone concerned that a heavyweight sweatshirt will not fall in line with their personal style and feel too clunky to wear as they would anything else. As you shop for your cotton sweatshirt, remember to take the fit into consideration as well. This is especially the case if you are purchasing online rather than in person.

You should look closer at the photographs provided by the store and take note of which sweatshirts are thick and bulky or more fitted and slim. You may be able to find a heavyweight cotton sweatshirt that is just as thick and warm as you want, while still being well-fitted based on your preferences. Also take this time to consider other details such as the neckline, length, or length of sleeves.

Don’t allow yourself to settle on quality or style with a heavyweight cotton sweatshirt when there are pieces that offer all of these great benefits. We recommend taking a look at the sweatshirts at, where they specialize in ulta-comfortable cotton garments. You should be able to find what you want from their collection of premium 100% pure cotton garments.

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