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What We Learned From Week 2 of the NFL lockout – Eagles Lose another One



The first week of the N.F.L. season has come and gone, and now we are faced with another exciting round of matches. Just like the old saying goes, “You get what you prepare for,” the teams that are best prepared will win most of the games. With that in mind, let’s look at how the first two weeks played out. For football fans everywhere, here are some observations and thoughts on the first two weeks of football’s new season.

One of the most important games this year was the Chicago Bears’ game against the Denver Broncos. This was a fantastic game with a lot of highlights, including the game-winning touchdown by the Bears’ Matt Stafford. In the end, however, the result was a nail-biting, 15-15 overtime affair that saw the Bears win on the last play of the game. The result: the Denver Broncos won their first game in the N.F.L. season, surprising the Bears at their home field, while the Bears lost their second straight game.

The second week of the season featured two of the top offenses in football; the Denver Broncos and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints defeated the Denver Broncos, but it was no huge deal as the team just needed to make sure that they got Tom Brady back healthy for this year. The next game for the Saints would feature the hated Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The result was another close game and another disappointing loss for the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos.

In the third week, the Philadelphia Eagles took on the hated New York Giants. The game got heated early on thanks to the constant penalty calls on the part of the Eagles’ defense, and in the end, the Eagles came out on top. It looked like the Eagles were going to pull out a victory in this one, but then the unthinkable happened. Ben Roethlisberger decided to get hurt again, and the Steelers were not prepared to handle Big Ben’s powerful play.

So now, the fourth week of the season has come and it is the Super Bowl. The Eagles are expected to be even better than they were last year when they lost to the eventual champions, the New York Giants. The only true disappointment is that Spygate has yet to be solved. The scandal is a huge black mark on the career of Tom Coughlin, but the rest of the Eagles squad looks quite scary.

The New York Giants showed us what they are made of, and Brett Favre is looking like his old self. This could be the year that he comes out of retirement, and if he is healthy, he will be in the Hall of Fame. Now, the question becomes, what do the Eagles do in the off-season to improve their team? If they take some time to evaluate the players and evaluate the coaching staff, it might just be the perfect team for Super Bowl season.

The first step is to bench some of the older more experienced players who are not producing. By making changes, you give opportunity for young talent to grow and develop. You also allow someone, or several people, to get a new contract. This gives flexibility for the team and allows for competition to build up. That sounds like a good thing.

Next, the Eagles need to find a long-term answer to the quarterback position. Michael Vick has shown promise, but he is just not playing to the same level as he did in 2021. The team needs to find a long-term answer to the position if they are going to contend in the next few years. If they stick with Sanchez, it will be tough for them to compete in the next couple of years, even with solid receivers such as Sidney Rice andandy Moss.

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