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What You Need To Apply For A Work Permit In Canada?

A Canada Work Permit allows qualified foreign nationals to work in Canada for a specific period of time. Canada is a fantastic place to work as it’s one of the world’s most developed economies.

Businesspeople, permanent and temporary workers, students, and others can work in Canada with a Canadian Work Permit Visa. Work visa consultants in Canada can assist you in finding a job and applying for a work permit in Canada.

The visa process supported by immigration authorities in Canada is also hassle-free and straightforward, with a plethora of perks offered to immigrants regarding affordability, healthcare aid, and high standards of living. However, suppose you want to immigrate to Canada to pursue worldwide career prospects. In that case, this blog explains the entire process, prerequisites, and other essential details for Indians seeking a Canada work permit or visa. 

About Canada Work Permit

A Canada Work Permit is a mandatory authorization that allows eligible people from other countries, for a set amount of time, to work in Canada. After receiving a job offer or contract from a Canadian company or organization, you can apply for this visa. You must additionally verify that your employer has obtained a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which enables them to hire workers from other countries for positions that cannot be filled by Canadians.


Two types of work permits are primarily granted by the Government of Canada, namely Employer-specific Work Permits and Open Work Permits. Canada Immigration India Consultants 

Continue reading to learn about each one of these in detail:

Employer-Specific Work Permit

As the name implies, an employer-specific work permit allows you to work for a single company.  These work permits are issued to foreign nationals who already have a job offer in Canada. It allows you to work for a specific employer. The name of the employer, the duration of employment and the location of work, are mentioned. 

Open-Work Permit

There is no requirement for a prior job offer letter when applying for an open work permit. Such a permit enables you to work for any organization in Canada, provided that they have not been listed as ineligible by the government or engage in services like erotic massages or dance, escort services, etc. Details such as type of work, places where you can work, and duration of work are mentioned on the open work permit.

Certain jobs, such as athletes or coaches, business visitors, clergy, highly skilled workers, short-term researchers, students working on or off-campus, news reporters, film and media crew, emergency service providers, health care providers students, etc., do not require a work permit. However, check with Canada work visa consultants to know if the visa you’re applying for is on the exempted list.

How can you Apply for a Canadian Work Visa?

Canada provides excellent benefits to immigrants, which is why so many Indians migrate to the country to settle down with their families and enjoy a happy life. So, if you’re looking for a way to relocate to Canada, don’t hesitate to contact Canada Immigration India Consultants and begin the application process.

Eligibility Requirements

Every year, many individuals are granted permits to work in Canada. However, applicants must proove that they are qualified to accept the job offer.

You need to:

  • Have proof that you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your work permit
  • Have documents showing funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
  • Have no criminal history  
  • Maintain good health and, if necessary, get a medical examination
  • Have no intention of working for a government-designated ineligible employer. 

Documents Required

  • Two current passport-sized photographs
  • A six-month valid passport 
  • Certificates of educational attainment
  • Proof of professional skills, including work experience
  • Proof of financial resources sufficient to meet expenses while in Canada
  • Health Examination Certificate 
  • Application Fee 

During the processing of your application, you may be questioned by officials or asked to provide additional information. Once accepted, you would receive a letter saying that you are permitted to work in Canada. When you arrive in Canada, show the officials this letter to acquire your work permit.

A Canada Work Permit is usually provided for four years. After the completion of the granted time, you must stay outside Canada for at least four years before applying for another Canada Work Permit. Moving to Canada is not as difficult as you may believe. Consult with Canadian work visa consultants to learn more about your possibilities.

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