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Written by Jessamyn Dodd. Jessamyn Dodd is a blogger, influencer, and social media specialist.

There have been many dangerous aspects of Tiktok that have been widely reported on from minor safety to white supremacy. But there is another side of Tiktok that has become extremely dangerous recently. The side of call out culture.

Leola Mariah, who is none other than boxing great George Foreman’s daughter, has found herself embroiled in “Tiktok beef” with several creators. She goes by @leolamariah and she has hooked up with a man named Jeffrey Perez who goes by the name Street Skolla.  Perez has an arrest record for stalking and harassment. It has spilled over on to Twitter with followers commenting under George Foreman’s posts about her behavior.

Perez and Foreman have been making what Tiktok calls “call out videos”.  They have allegedly been harassing and bullying black creators on the app, making videos insulting them and accusing them of unfounded crimes. They have allegedly doxed creators, sharing the creators’ real names, places of employment, and home addresses. Perez accused a verified black creator known as Aunt Karen of sexually assaulting him with no proof.  Perez has allegedly hosted multiple live streams in which he boasts about calling the police and CPS on creators. One creator named Patrick Jeanty has livestreamed several instances where police have shown up to his door. He claims he was sent home from work due to harassing phone calls at his place of business. Jeanty states “I have been swatted four times”.  Jeanty has had several arguments with a variety of creators on Tiktok in the past.

One creator who has a gossip page, known as @pettyro_official blocked Perez, he found her Cash App and requested $50, writing insults and threats in the memo section.  Perez posted the address of a creator known as EB on his Instagram. She has shown proof of this on her Tiktok page. Perez has denied all claims, even though there is video and photographic evidence.

Perez, along with a few other problematic creators, have allegedly asked their followers to mass report black creators accounts in the hopes to have their accounts banned and videos removed, resulting in the loss of income for the creators. This is often in response to the creator in question making a negative video about them or “calling them out”.

One of the more mind-blowing aspects of this fiasco is that they are doing this in real time, recording the evidence and posting it on the internet.  I have spoken to several creators who have stated that they have reported videos in which overt displays of bullying and harassment as well as hate speech are displayed. They are often greeted with a message from Tiktok stating that no community violations are found (according to Tiktok it is against community guidelines to harass, bully or post hate speech). If for some reason an account is banned due to multiple guideline violations, the users simply create multiple accounts to continue their harassment. One person on the app boasts that he has been banned 15 times.

If you have been the victim of cyberbullying see resources for your state’s law here

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