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Where To Buy Clothes To Sell Wholesale Online?

If you are wondering where to buy clothes to sell wholesale boutique clothing, you have an excellent business vision! This is one of the items that are growing the most in online sales. We are going to delve into the topic to help you grow your business with new opportunities!

In the first six months of 2021, e-commerce billing grew by 101% according to CACE data. Of this percentage, the clothing category ranked second, an item that, the previous year, was in position number four.

Although the pandemic and isolation promoted consumers to get used to buying online, in parallel, visits to physical spaces are also recovering.

The National Survey of Shopping Centers carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) revealed that Argentines have an intention to buy in shopping malls, since 39.7% of them consume clothing there.

Clothing is one of those sectors where customers may prefer to see and touch the products to feel comfortable.

For this reason, the big brands design omnichannel strategies that integrate physical points of sale with the latest technology to improve the user experience.

In Argentina, the clothing market is made up as follows:


  • 60% includes the sector known as Once, Avellanada and La Salada;
  • 8% is sold in supermarkets;

The rest is made up of the big brands that are housed in shopping malls who, in turn, have an active presence through digital channels.

This clothing sector is recovering, the data that has been obtained with respect to last year is very positive. In September 2021, it grew by 43.7% year-on-year and the quantities manufactured increased by 14.8% compared to 2019, according to a report by the Argentine Industrial Chamber of Clothing.

This has undoubtedly been a large part of the new virtual sales platforms that have been developed.

And it is that online stores and social networks have become one of the main channels of communication and promotion of the products or services of the big brands and also of the entrepreneurs of this category of clothing.

In this way, the market is democratized and everyone competes based on the positioning of their company, thus achieving the evolution of the local economy.

If you are interested in trading in this area, it is important that you know the market very well. Keep reading to understand where to buy clothes to sell wholesale and what you should buy to grow your clothing business.

What is wholesale clothing?

Let’s start by remembering that a wholesaler is an individual or business entity that sells large volumes of products to retailers. Their mission as wholesalers is to liquidate the stock in short periods of time.

Those who are in charge of wholesale clothing sales know in detail how the product they sell works. It is a distribution channel that undergoes high consumption due to its effectiveness in being sold in large quantities.

This is why we see areas like Avellaneda that are always very busy with retailers. They seek to market the clothing they are interested in at a higher price.

In other words, the sales agreements made by a wholesaler are usually B2B and they obtain reduced prices from the manufacturers.

Where to buy clothes to sell wholesale

If social networks have done anything, it is to give access to small and medium-sized companies to show their product catalog.

On Instagram and Tik Tok, it is easy to get, not only the variety of garments that are being designed in the country, but also the prices that, in many cases, are very affordable for the consumer.

It is for this reason that the area of ​​Flores, in CABA, has become the center of opportunities for all retailers who wish to market wholesale clothing, both for women and men.

What is the reason? The difference in prices that exists between them and the big brands in the shopping malls.

Taking advantage of where to buy wholesale clothing for a boutique, as well as sneakers or accessories, for example, it is feasible to get the same items for half the price.

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