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Where to Get News on Cryptocurrency

One of a cryptocurrency investor’s top concerns is finding the latest and most reliable crypto news. Given the developing nature of the crypto market, getting access to such information can make a big difference between severe losses and gains.

This article reviews some of the top platforms where you can get news on cryptocurrency. While some of the cited sources are news publications, some are social media platforms where you can lurk around to find the latest information you need to make the best investment choices.

Four Places to Get News on Cryptocurrency

  1. Twitter

Twitter is arguably the best place to find the latest news on cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrency projects have an official Twitter account and publish the latest developments on their handle. Similarly, company CEOs, crypto exchanges, and other key personnel usually share updates as soon as they’re available.

If you’ve heard the term “Crypto Twitter,” it refers to the corner of the social media platform mainly filled with cryptocurrency-related updates and discussions. Hence, opening a Twitter account, following popular accounts, and perhaps enabling notifications on some of them represents a key way to get first-hand crypto news.

Admittedly, it might be challenging to track everything that goes on on Twitter. This is where crypto publications come in handy as they curate all events.

  1. Coinfomania

Coinfomania is a cryptocurrency-focused media publication. You will find the latest news, insights, price analysis, and interviews featuring crypto industry leaders. Additionally, the journal features friendly beginner guides, a helpful resource for new investors in the space.

News reports on Coinfomania are presented in simple and friendly language. The publication has also built a reputation for covering important news that might not feature in other prominent media sites such as Coindesk and Cointelegraph. Coinfomania also accepts and publishes crypto press releases from reputable companies in the industry.

  1. Cointelegraph

Cointelegraph is another popular cryptocurrency media publication known for custom-styled featured images in news reports. The company boasts an extensive workforce, ensuring coverage of more news developments than most competitors.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph has built a strong reputation, having launched in 2013. It is one of the oldest crypto media companies and provides coverage of news in other languages, notably Spanish, French, and Deutsch. Hence, if you have a flair for reading the information in international languages, then Cointelegraph may be your best choice.

  1. Reddit

Similar to Twitter, most cryptocurrency projects have Reddit communities. Popular crypto subreddits include r/Bitcoin, r/Ethereum, r/CryptoCurrency, and r/Solana. The latest updates from the projects are typically shared with these communities either by the official project handlers or community members.

Reddit is also somewhat unique as it hosts ask-me-anything (AMA) sessions and provides a platform for investors to express their opinions. So, in addition to news, you can also find key insights that support informed decision-making.


The cryptocurrency industry is moving at neck-breaking speed, making it difficult for investors to keep up with all the latest developments. This article mentioned social media platforms and publications. You may try crypto news aggregators, as they curate news from different publications to a single outlet. Exploring these options will allow you to make better investment choices and get full value on your crypto investments.

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