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Which are the best high schools in Malaysia?

Malaysia is renowned the world over as a travel and business destination par excellence. It is not surprising, therefore, that people from all over the world visit it. Quite a few of them in fact come to Malaysia to work and live in that fascinatingly wonderful country. The presence of a large number of world class high schools helps many of them live with their families in that country. Let us look at which ones are rated as the best schools in Malaysia.

Best High Schools in Malaysia

Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur

The Global Indian International School, Kuala Lumpur is rated amongst the best schools in Malaysia. As part of the globally renowned GIIS chain of international schools, it boasts world class infrastructure and facilities, as well as some of the best teaching staff. The school is popular not just with the Indian expat community in Malaysia, but amongst diverse international communities residing in the country. They offer their students internationally renowned curricula like Global Montessori Plus, IGCSE and CBSE.  That apart, they also offer generous scholarships to meritorious students.

Fairview International School 

This is part of an acclaimed international chain of IB schools. They have as many as five campuses in Malaysia catering to the educational needs of 3000 students hailing from more than 55 countries. The school boasts the best possible infrastructure including high speed broadband on all its campuses. It is hardly surprising that the school is immensely popular, both among locals and expats.

Raffles American School

This is the school to send one’s children to if giving them an American education is what one wants. They have some of the best teaching staff anywhere in the world, as evidenced by the fact that they are degree holders from native English speaking countries like the UK, US and Canada. Their inquiry based instruction method ensures that their students learn in the best possible manner. That apart, they boast a robust co curricular program covering disciplines like dance, music, art and sports.

Nexus International School

This is an international school that boasts a beautiful campus that facilitates learning both inside as well as outside the classrooms. It offers the best of curriculums- IEYC, IPC, MSP, IGCSE and IBDP to its students. Their teachers too are out of the top drawer. Another noteworthy feature of the school is the extensive use of technology as is befitting for a school in the digital era. That apart, the students’ physical, psychological and emotional needs are met in the best possible way in this school. 

Mont’Kiara International School

This single campus IB school is rated quite highly amongst international schools in Malaysia. The school was founded in 1994 and follows the American education system from the kindergarten level to grade 12. The students in this international school come from more than 52 nations affirming the school’s truly global ambiance.  No wonder that expat students prefer this school to many others in Malaysia. Mont’Kiara International school is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and certified by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. It is also accredited to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges,  (WASC), USA.

German School Kuala Lumpur

This culturally diverse international school gives its students a chance to follow the German  education system, with the mediums of instruction being English and German. The school is quite naturally very popular among expats hailing from German speaking countries.The school has native English and German speaking teachers who ensure that the students obtain the best possible education. There is also a lot of stress on extracurricular activities in the school as it is understood that all round holistic development is the best way to educate and develop students.

Victoria International School

Though it is an international educational institution offering the British system of education, Victoria International School is extremely popular amongst the local Malaysians. All the subjects offered in years 10 and 11 in the school are under the auspices of Cambridge International Examinations. There is a ratio of 10: 1 between the number of Malaysian and foreign students in the school. The great thing about the school is that it fosters cosmopolitan values amongst its students teaching them to respect and embrace diversity.


Malaysia sure has a very large number of internationally reputed high schools. These ensure that the nation’s young as well as young expats of school going age living in the country have access to education that is second to none in the world.

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