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Which are the Top 5 Best High Schools in Singapore?

Singapore is famous for its high-level educational sector. However, to select the best school for educating children, parents need to understand different types of schools that can suit their needs. Some of the schools to choose from are:


  • Autonomous School
  • Independent School
  • Government-funded Schools
  • Affiliated Schools   


Most parents want their children to get educated at the best private school in Singapore because students of these schools stand a better chance of qualifying for the international baccalaureate.


List of top 5 High schools in Singapore

The following list provides information on the best high schools in Singapore:

  • Global Indian International School (GIIS)

GIIS is a leading institution in the K12 segment. It has produced 16 international baccalaureate world toppers in 2021. Students here learn the best programs in a multicultural environment to excel in higher education. It is the most preferred school by parents in Singapore.

  • Nanyang Girl’s High School

It is an independent school that offers Special Assistance Plan and Integrated Programme to its students. This school follows English and Chinese as its first language subjects. 

  • Raffles Institution

It admits only male students for years 1-4. However, for years 5-6, female students are also eligible to join this school. The majority of students from this school are known to join Ivy League colleges for higher education.

  • Hwa Chong Institution

This school is more rooted in Chinese culture. It follows frequent student exchanges with Fudan University in China.

  • Dunman High School

This is a government autonomous co-educational school. It offers an integrated program and SAP to its students.


Selecting a good school in Singapore requires extensive research. Therefore, parents must consider their children’s requirements, school environment, subjects offered, and fee structure before proceeding with the admission process.

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