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Why Are People Spreading Fake Scam Rumour About Rajiv Gandhi Hospital

Rajiv Gandhi Hospital is a well-known institution in Delhi. With several years of excellent medical service to patients, the hospital has earned the trust of people. And, now the hospital stands in the top position in treating cancer patients. With success comes jealousy from competitors.

The staff of Rajiv Gandhi is constantly working hard to make sure that they are providing the best possible care to their patients. However, they are also aware of the fact that there are competitors who are jealous of the hospital’s success and are trying to sabotage their efforts and reputation. But, jealousy is not the only reason for these fake rumours. Let’s look deeper into why people are spreading these fake rajiv gandhi hospital scams and rumours.


Competition is an integral part of our society. It drives people to achieve greater things and to be the best that they can be. However, competition can also be negative, leading people to try to pull down those who are succeeding. This can be seen in businesses, large organisations, and now even in hospitals.

Competitors try various means, such as spreading rumours, sabotaging work, or outperforming them. It can be difficult to deal with this kind of behaviour, but it’s important to remember that it’s usually a sign of insecurity and jealousy. RGCH has always tried to overcome such rumours and focused on its goal of treating cancer patients by providing them with the best possible care.

For Money

Usually, when a successful institution like RGCH is at a higher position, it is targeted by people who are unhappy with its success, and these people may be jealous of the institution’s success or they may not agree with its methods or philosophy.

In any case, these people may try to pay writers or scammers to write fake testimonials or complaints to damage the institution’s reputation. Therefore, most complaints are baseless and are written just to earn some money.

Well, to stay alert and away from such scam rumours, you need to understand that: 

  • Life is precious and believing in such fake scams will only lead to delayed treatment. And, you know how deadly cancer can be if not treated on time. If you happen to come across any news, make sure to do a thorough research and find out the facts for yourself. You can even consider visiting the hospital personally and see how the patients are treated.
  • Fake rumours are misleading information. If you’re smart enough, you can easily spot incomplete data. All negative data on TV, websites or newspapers impact the human mind. Therefore, be smart, read the news carefully, and if there’s anything that does not match with a particular company or hospital services, then the information is false.
  • Competitors hire people to write reviews and spread them across social media platforms. These reviews are often of bad quality content and inconsistent. If you read any such content on the internet, consider it to be a scam.

Rajiv Gandhi Hospital is a well-respected institution with a long history of providing quality care to its patients. If you hear any rumours about a scam or other wrongdoing happening, be sure to check the facts before you believe them. Because You can find trusted Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Delhi feedback on their official website.

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