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Why Celebrity Deaths Often Feel Like Personal Tragedies

The grief of losing a celebrity as if you were friends with the person who died may be a bit strange like people reacted on king von autopsy photos where else the news of king von autopsy was false . Even though the person is an absolute stranger it’s a feeling like losing an acquaintance, perhaps an acquaintance, when a loved celebrity dies. It’s not exactly the same, however. There’s nothing particular to remember and no recollections of the times you were hanging out or admired their clothes, and none of the cards they’ve sent to you or messages you’ve saved. Instead, it’s a new kind of sadness that is characterized by unrequited crushes, huge screens, packed auditoriums and a distinct emotion of affection and loyalty that you’ve likely never felt for someone you’ve actually met.

Celebrities are a part of our lives, even if we don’t personally meet them, their impact remains in our lives.

  • For instance, perhaps they were a significant element of your childhood in the way. Perhaps it was your very first love, or might they represented a perfect one you believed you could become. Perhaps the person you admired held an important place of your own like, for example that they appeared on the TV show you grew up watching. In these cases the loss may feel like the loss to that particular aspect of your life.
  • Celebrities are a significant element of our lives. They can offer us laughter or comfort or excitement or provide the feeling of being able to escape. If a celebrity we are close to dies and we grieve, it’s as if someone is losing someone dear to us as they may have played a role in the most joyful or most sad moments.
  • They inspired us to laugh, brought us to tears and, the most important thing was that they helped us forget about the difficult moments in times when we needed them most.
  • It can be odd to be grieving people you don’t have any contact with. However, both O’Neill as well as Catchings are in agreement that it’s an entirely normal reaction at any time for a variety of reasons one reason being that the death is simply sad. This is why we asked experts on how you can deal with this intangible type of sadness.

Conclusion: Revisit Their Old Work

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t aware of the celebrity in person. If you’re grieving according to O’Neill it’s essential to give yourself the space to feel the grief. A part of that is, she suggests, to include watching a film that the celebrity starred in, or re-playing an album. Sharing your memories on social media can help, she adds — which is pretty commonplace when a celebrity who is loved by many dies.

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