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Why green drinks everywhere and how do we choose?

Just starting with a green drink? If you’re juicing, that’s one way to drink greens. The second is that you buy greens that you mix with water, then the question arises that “tastes good” and “feels good” and of course how do you decide?

Once you’ve found great greens and committed to hydration, you’re taking the first step toward pH balance, alkalizing, and optimal health. You may also want to consider an alkalizing catalyst to add to your water, which will raise the pH of your green drink to help you achieve your goals.

This paragraph is about “how to drink green

Drink” and “why should we drink green drink”. The process outlined below will help you increase your hydration to levels you only thought possible. It’s much easier to drink when you’re thirsty, and following the protocol seems to inspire hydration levels that work well for many of us, so read on and find your way. In addition, you can always call us with questions.

Drinking greens is really our best way to make up the difference in what our bodies need (nutrition-wise), and because we’re mixing greens into our water, we’re improving our hydration levels. Let’s face it, we can all eat great and still not get enough nutrition, especially at the cellular level where we need it. So the question becomes what kind of “green”? Not all greens or green drinks are the same, your green drink plays an important role in meeting your nutritional needs and while the ingredients are key, so is the processing and the energy you get from the greens, the enzyme values.

The following guidelines apply to any green drink,

but remember that not all green drinks are the same. Some may contain ingredients that do not promote pH balance. Vitamins and minerals in foods interact with each other, meaning they work synergistically and one can’t function without the other (which is why many over-the-counter products are hard to get) and many just taste bad. In the long run, you have to make the difference and choose a green drink that has everything you need, tastes good, and most importantly, becomes the difference between your diet and your body’s needs.

When starting a green consisting of pure water mixed with greens and an optimal, always remember that your body needs time to adapt to absorb new nutrients, start with small amounts and increase a little every three days until you get there. . Up to the recommended amount – regardless of how many bottles you drink per day. You don’t have to force yourself to Prime Drink , here’s what works for me and many members: Starting with a quart drinking bottle:

Practicing like this, dry mouth and the desire

to drink more should change within 3 days to a week. It’s a natural way to increase hydration; I’ve seen people take 6-8 liters a day and drop back down to normal. This gives your brain what it needs, and then your brain signals to you that your body wants to rehydrate or replace your body water! Naturally, you’ll increase your hydration levels, which is great news!

Remember that your water (just like earth) is at least 70% water and you need to change your water regularly with clean water. A quarter a day for every 30-50 pounds, depending on your health. Alkalizing water and providing nutrition at the cellular level is the most important step you can take towards a healthier tomorrow. Other supplements should be taken “less often” versus “less often”, meaning a small amount often will give you more consistent results.

PH Body Balance recommends Inner Light Super Greens

With prime pH (which raises the pH of the water) because the vegetables, leaves, herbs and sprouts are selected for the body’s needs and because they are micro-ionized it means recharging for me. . Into the raw state with a high value and the main pH has a negative charge which I think causes the alkaline mixing process. Super Greens are 49 different vegetables charged both raw and better (via 250mgHz micro-ionization) with the most amazing bioavailability, providing nutrients at the cellular level, PLUS a very mild flavor, tastes like green tea! For a quick change, I add ginger juice when it’s cold outside and fresh lemon or lime juice in the summer.

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