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Why should you choose Hostbillo for Linux Shared Hosting?

The web hosting industry brings in a lot of choices for running your online business. Many users often get into confusion when picking a web hosting provider as well as the right web hosting plan. When it comes to beginning a website, blog, or application for your online business, Linux shared hosting can be the perfect solution for numerous businesses.

Thus, here we will provide you with insights into the top-leading web hosting company rendering the best Linux Shared hosting plans and packages – Hostbillo. You will also get the details about how this hosting can be highly beneficial for your online business. 

Why Linux Shared Hosting is a Good Option?

Here are the reasons that convey why the Linux-based shared hosting plan can be the ideal choice for you –

Highly cost-effective

The Linux operating system is an open-source platform that is free for usage. Therefore, the overall cost of shared server hosting with Linux is much lower than the other types of shared server hosting. Unlike Windows shared server hosting, you do not have to pay any license fee with the Linux shared server hosting. Also, Linux-based shared hosting provides numerous free and popular scripts, such as Drupal, phpBB, WordPress, Joomla, and many others.


With the greatest Linux hosting plan, you get the high flexibility to do various things on your server, like, as creating a blog, forum, or any other online entity. Further, Linux brings in GNU (General Public License) that can be employed with multiple distributions, such as Red Hat, SUE Linux, and Ubuntu. 

High Reliability

The Linux shared server hosting provides high data security and comes with various layers of protection. It provides a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly interface. Also, you do not have to reboot frequently the Linux system as it is less resource hungry. Moreover, Linux provides both FTP and SSH access. 

About Hostbillo Hosting Solutions

Hostbillo is among the most influential and top-notch web hosting companies, established in 2022. It has gained a huge recognition for rendering cheap Linux Shared Hosting with high-grade and intense services and facilities. The company makes sure to accommodate every data center service necessity of its clients and customers.

Further, the Hostbillo Hosting solutions have been successful in making a global reach with many happy customers. You will acquire world-class web hosting services and top-tier equipment with the company’s top shared Linux hosting.

Without a doubt, the company provides you the possibilities to intensify your business website performance and attain a considerable website visitor ratio. Dive into the subsequent section in order to know more about the Linus shared web hosting plans that the company offers.

About Hostbilo’s Linux Shared Hosting plans

You will find the cheapest range of Best Linux-based shared hosting plans and packages from Hostbillo-web hosting company.

You will get the possibility to scale up your plan as per the requirements of your online business. Moreover, the company guarantees to provide 100% Solid-State Drives storage instead of Hard-Disk Drives in order to enable your website to operate at the highest speed.

With each company’s cheap Linux shared web hosting plan, you will have 24/7 technical support from a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals. They are always on their toes to assist the company’s customers in resolving technical errors with the most accessible solutions. You will be able to communicate with them via various mediums, including Whatsapp, Phone Calls, Skype, etc. 

Hostbillo’s Linux Shared Hosting: Why Should You Buy It?

Following are the benefits and privileges that Hostbillo offers with its Linux shared hosting plans. Go through them and, you will get to know why the company is counted among the best and leading web hosting provider in the country. 

7-Days Credit-Back Guarantee

Hostbillo understands the value of every penny its customers invest in web hosting plans. Thus, the company ensures the 7-day Credit-back guarantee with its every plan of cheap Linux shared hosting.

Free One-Click Installer

You will acquire the Softaculous one-click installer for free. With this, you will be able to install any self-coded or custom applications as well as software on your hosting server. You will have the possibility to install more than 400+ applications based on your web business necessities with just a click.

High data protection

The company provides standard and advanced security features with the finest Linux hosting services. Your website will attain data encryption, a free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, and other measures in order to secure your data completely. Further, the company also provides on-demand weekly data backup services. 

Data Center Choice

With the company’s premier Linux shared hosting service, you can pick the preferred location of the data center. This will let your website function at the fastest speed and seamless network connectivity for your target audience.

Professional Email Accounts

You will acquire the opportunity to get unlimited Email Account accessibility. The company will let you obtain easy and quick access to your email accounts with highly secure POP3/ IMAP. Also, you will be able to employ Web email to access the email accounts from anywhere at any time.

Unlimited bandwidth

With the Hosting plans and packages of this company, you can acquire unlimited bandwidth with redundant power for your web business. The company’s data centers also ensure the delivery of consistent network connectivity with the 99.90% uptime network.


You can connect with the Hostbillo professionals through the company’s customer support facility for resolving the queries you may have regarding the Linux shared hosting plans. Or, you can also browse the Hostbillo company’s official website to grab further information about the best Linux shared hosting plans and packages.​​​​​​​

Linux operating system provides a boost to the web hosting server. You can easily enhance the growth of your business website and establish its identity on the web while hosting it on the reliable Linux shared hosting server. 

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